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   Chapter 441 Saw Through At One Glance

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Walking to the bedside, Rachel put the pillow aside and smiled, "You are pregnant. Why are you still so angry? When I came in just now, I saw the grievance on Henry's face."

"Grievance?" Lea repeated and curled her lips, pretending to stretch her neck at the door and higher her voice. "How could a selfish person show his grievance?"

Rachel didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. She held her hand and said, "How could he be selfish?"

"I just asked him something about Jack. He said it was your business and asked me to stay out of it. Well, what is friendship? Can I just sit by and do nothing at this time?" Lea spoke it out at one time and didn't realize that she had talked too much until she noticed that Rachel's face suddenly darkened.

She turned around and slapped herself on the face with regret. She smiled awkwardly and said, "Rachel, I just said it casually. Don't take it to heart."

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Rachel lowered her head and took out a bag of chocolate from her bag. She gave it to Rita who was listening to them but couldn't understand a word. She smiled and said, "Rita, take the chocolate to your dad. I have something to tell your mom."

"Can't I hear?" She looked at Rachel with her round eyes.

She reached out and rubbed the soft hair of Rita. "You can listen to it when you grow up. It's not the time yet."

"When will Rita grow up?" She asked again, holding the bag of chocolate tightly with her hands, unwilling to go out.

Lea was anxious and higher her voice. "If you don't go out, give the chocolate back to Rachel."

"Mommy is so fierce." With her mouth pouted, Rita looked down at the chocolate in her hand and was reluctant to leave. Finally, she turned around and went out obediently.

Rachel pulled over a chair and sat down. She smoothed the hair on her forehead and said slowly, "Lea, this is the thing between Jack and me. We are not on the same way. We can't be together anyway. You don't have to quarrel with Henry because of me."

Lea moved aside. "Why are you not on the same way? Then what happened to you at the beginning?"

"Maybe we took the wrong way. Now we are on the right track." Although Rachel looked calm, only she knew that when she said these words, her heart suddenly twitched, as if the air had been drained all of a sudden.


Before Lea could finish her words, the corners of Rachel's mouth curved slightly. Rachel changed the topic and said, "As for you, I don't think you look well. Should you pay more attention to yourself?"

Speaking of this, Lea looked down at her still flat belly and sighed slightly. "The doctor said that the condition is not very stable. He wanted me to stay in hospital for a few days, but I don't want to stay here. I want to go home. The smell of disinfectant in the hospital made me u

was more likely to be a wrong package.

This size, this style, she felt more like that he gave it to the woman outside.

She returned the box to Julie and said, "Put it away. Maybe someone will come to take it back tomorrow."

The second morning, when Rachel went downstairs, she heard the sound of brake from the yard. After a while, Jack came in and asked in a deep voice, "Julie, where is my package?"

He glanced at Rachel and smiled. He asked coldly, "Did you take it away as your own?"

But Rachel didn't reply. She lowered her head and began to deal with the things she was going to send to Lea.

Hearing the noise, Julie went back to her room and took out the box. She explained hurriedly, "The courier sent it here yesterday. I thought it was Miss's staff, so asked she to open it directly."

Hearing that she took all the responsibility to herself, Rachel looked at her with gratitude.

"Since you have torn it down, forget it. Just throw it away."

Hearing the words of the man, Rachel looked up at him and sneered, "Jack, you are not young anymore. Don't do such boring things anymore."

Her words made the air a little stiff.

Rachel picked up her bag and walked out without looking back.

Jack's face suddenly darkened. He threw the box in his hand out directly. He did buy this Pajama on purpose to irritate Rachel.

When he saw her standing next to Jimmy, his heart was full of resentment. He didn't know what was going on, but his mind was so irrational that he did such a thing! What made him more embarrassed was that Rachel found it out directly.

Julie was startled. She looked at the broken box with her eyes wide open.

After signing in for duty and telling her colleagues, Rachel went to the emergency room. Leaning against the bed, Lea ordered Henry to pack up and scolded him from time to time, but Henry didn't say anything to defend him.

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