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   Chapter 439 The New CEO Of An Electric Appliances Group

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After all, in her heart, Jack was never a fool, nor a person who could let others do whatever they wanted. But why did he change his image completely in the eyes and mouth of others?

Thinking of this, Rachel was not that happy.

After hesitating for a long time, she dialed Jack's number, but it was answered soon. Unexpectedly, a gentle female voice came through.

Scarlett looked at the tightly closed bathroom door and heard the sound of water. Jack was taking a shower inside.

She remembered that Jack had brought his cell phone with him when he took a shower several times before. But today, he put it directly on the bed. When she came in, she heard that his cell phone vibrated. She was about to give it to him, but when she saw Rachel's name on the screen, she immediately changed her mind.

She walked out with her phone and said shyly, "Jack is taking a shower inside. Do you have anything? I can tell him later."

Hearing her sweet voice, Rachel couldn't say a word. She hung up the phone and smiled bitterly. She was too idle to meddle in other people's business.

Hearing the sound on the phone, Scarlett smiled complacently. She guessed that it was almost time for Jack to finish his shower. When he was about to come out, she deleted the call log from his phone and put it back to its original position. Then she hurriedly came out of his bedroom, pretending to sit on the sofa and watch TV, as if nothing had happened just now.

Although she didn't say anything after she accepted Jack's bank card, it didn't mean that she would let it go in her heart.

She was still determined to get Jack!

When Jack was taking a shower in the bathroom, he vaguely heard his phone ring, but when he opened the call log, he only found that there was a call from Austin an hour ago. There was no new record, so he thought that he had misheard it, so he didn't take it to heart. He took out a new set of clothes from the wardrobe, changed it, and then went out and left.

An hour later, in the tea room of the hotel, there was a tea party for five or six people. The guests were all CEOs of several companies, and they had some business dealings.

Normally, Jack wouldn't waste his time to attend such kind of tea party. But today, when he saw a photo of a man in the document brought by Austin, and the man in the photo was the man who had dinner with Rachel and Jimmy in the hotel the other day.

Seeing that he had been silent for a long time, Austin thought that he didn't want to go, so he immediately said, "Boss, I'll call someone when I go out later. As usual, I'll cancel this tea party."

Unexpectedly, Jack frowned and put down the documents in his hand. He raised his hand and said, "No, I'll go there myself."

Jack opened the door of the tea room, and saw an ancient wooden tea table in

o times, looking anxious. "I do have a crush on Dr. Shen, but she has a husband and is pregnant now. This time, she called me and asked me to deliver the goods to her friend. Of course, I agreed to such a simple thing immediately."

All the people present agreed with him that he was a real man with flesh and blood, but Jack had a long face and frowned tightly.

Rachel was never a meddlesome person. In the past, she always said that what she shouldn't do was to interfere in other people's life, but now, was she also interfering in other people's life?

'Is it true that she and Jimmy...'

At the thought of this, Jack couldn't help but slap the handle of the chair heavily, which startled the people who were chatting with each other. They all turned around and looked at him at a loss.

Jack took a deep breath and stood up and said calmly, "I have something to do, I have to leave."

The driver, who had been waiting in the car, saw that Jack came back so soon and asked, "Mr. Fu, where are we going now?"

"The electric appliance store at No. 883, East Ring Road!"

Rachel saved several files on the computer and was about to turn off the computer to leave when her phone suddenly buzzed. Seeing the strange number on the screen, she hesitated for a few seconds and finally answered it.

"Hello, are you Gary's family?"


Rachel frowned and asked, "What's up?"

The person on the other end of the line immediately said, "Sorry, I called the wrong number."

Thinking that she was going to hang up the phone, Rachel called her immediately, "You didn't call me wrong. I'm not a relative of Gary, but I'm his friend. Who is that speaking?"

"This is Gary's head teacher. He had a fight with a child at school today. I called his father, but no one answered. This number was given to me by Gary, and he said it's the same to ask you to come here."

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