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   Chapter 436 Reached A Business Agreement

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With a slight smile at the corners of Kailey's mouth, she said, "Cousin, you know that I don't have a job now and stay at home every day. Recently, I have discussed with my friends and planned to run a shop. Each of us will pay half of the money. But you know, I spent all of my money every mouth and don't have any savings at all, so can you lend me some money?"

Seeing that Scarlett was a little hesitant, she immediately raised her hand and swore, "Don't worry. When I make money, I will definitely pay you back immediately."

"But..." Scarlett was still a little hesitant. After all, she didn't own the money. If she lent it to someone else, what should she do if Jack knows? Would she be involved?

Before she gave an answer, Kailey said, "Cousin, now all my friends know that you are so rich. If I can't even borrow such a little money from you, it doesn't matter if I lose my face. It's mainly because it will effect on your position."

As soon as she said that, she hit the disadvantage of Scarlett. What she hated most in her life was being looked down upon by others. So she agreed without even asking about the amount of money and said, "I'll transfer the money to you tomorrow."

Kailey smiled complacently. At this time, the doorbell rang. She immediately volunteered to open the door. When she saw Jack standing outside with a suitcase, she immediately turned back, picked up her backpack from the sofa, and kept saying, "I'm going back. I won't disturb you."

Scarlett was a little surprised. She didn't expect that Jack would come here voluntarily with a suitcase in his hand. 'Is he going to live here directly?'

She was overjoyed and hurried to greet him. But before she walked up to him, she heard him say coldly, "Clean up the other room. I live there."

The smile at the corners of Scarlett's mouth immediately disappeared. "Aren't you sleeping in the master bedroom? I..."

Jack threw his suitcase aside and stepped forward. He pinched her chin and said coldly, "Scarlett, I give you everything on condition. Don't daydream. If you can't do it, get out of here by yourself!"


Scarlett froze in place and chuckled with a trace of bitterness. It turned out that all her beautiful dreams were in vain in his eyes!

But she would not give up so easily. In order to live such a life in the future, she would definitely make herself and Jack a real couple, or even get married!

After cleaning up, Rachel took out a phone number from a notebook and dialed it. She was surprised that the caller could call her name as soon as she answered the phone. She smiled and said, "I'm sorry to call you so late."

The phone was noisy at first, but soon it quieted down.

Jared Chen's magnetic voice came out, "Dr. Rachel, how can it be late? Don't you know that our night life has just begun?"

"Then I'll make it short so as not to dist

tor's office with this file and said, "Director, I've found it."

Director was typing on the keyboard with her hands. Hearing this, she said without raising her head, "It's no need now. Put it back."


Rachel shook her head helplessly. It was obvious that Director was playing tricks on her. But after all, it was her guess, so she couldn't say anything.

As soon as she came out of the record room, she couldn't help but rush to the bathroom. She felt much better after washing her face with ice water.

But in this way, she forgot what Jimmy had asked her to do. After dinner, she sat on the sofa and ate the fruit cut by Julie. When she received his phone call, Jimmy asked expectantly, "Dr. Rachel, what did your friend say? Would he love to come?"

She patted her forehead and said shyly, "I'm sorry. I was too busy this afternoon to remember it. I'll call him tomorrow."


When Jimmy was about to hang up the phone, his phone was taken away by Gary directly. He ran to the balcony outside and told Rachel carefully what had happened in the school today, such as who hadn't done homework and was scolded by the teacher, or he got a crush on some girl, etc.

When she hung up the phone, Rachel was also a little surprised. She had talked with Gary for half an hour. When Julie came out of the kitchen, she poured her a glass of water and said, "You have talked on the phone for such a long time. Are you thirsty?"


Rachel felt thirsty when she saw this cup of water. She took it and drank it up.

She burped and put the cup on the table. Seeing that Julie was still standing in front of her and didn't leave, she pursed her lips and asked, "Julie, do you have something to say?"

"Yes." Julie nodded, "Miss Rachel, yesterday Mr. Jack carried his suitcase out. Will he never come back?"

Shaking her head, Rachel answered honestly, "I don't know. Let him be."


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