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   Chapter 435 I'll Help You Ask

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The dinner in the evening was mainly to celebrate the successful performance of Gary, so they chose a restaurant that Gary liked to eat. When the waiter served pizza and steak on the table, Gary's little face was full of joy and excitement. He sat on the chair, with knives and forks in his hands, and his legs were shaking.

Rachel was not interested in steak and pizza. She felt full after a few bites. She wiped her mouth and put down the knife and fork. Seeing this, Jimmy asked with concern, "Don't you like it?"

"I like it." Rachel raised her lips. "But I'm full."

"Do you want some fried rice or something else?"

Seeing that Jimmy raised his hand and was about to call the waiter over, Rachel quickly stopped him and emphasized, "I'm really full. Thanks."

Jimmy smiled, "Don't worry about my wallet. I still have money for this meal."

Before, Rachel helped to deal with the rescue of Jimmy's wife. She knew very well about his economic situation. Except for the bank and himself, she must be the one who knew the most about it in the world.

Jimmy had owed a lot of debts due to the failure of his previous business.

However, although he said it casually, Rachel knew that this was what men cared most about.

She denied with a smile, "If I'm not full, I won't be polite."

Then she asked, "I remember that you don't continue your business. What are you busy with now?"

"I am running an electric appliance store with a friend. It can barely support my livings."

Jimmy also put down his knife and fork, took a sip of lemonade on the side, moistened his throat, and continued, "Now the price of the goods is expensive, and customers are smart. They prefer to comparing prices in different stores or directly shopping online, so we can't raise the price. After deducting the rent and other expenses, we can only barely maintain it."

"Is the bidding price very expensive?" Rachel frowned. She was not good at doing business and had never been in touch with it.

On the contrary, she often heard from the nurses in her previous department that the businessman had a black heart, who often sold some things that were only worth dozens of dollars to hundreds.

Was electric appliances an exception?

Jimmy smiled bitterly, "Our business is just at the beginning stage, and we can only find the following dealers to purchase the goods. When the goods come out of the factory, they have already dealt with many people, and the price has increased several times. How cheap can it be to sell them to us? To put it bluntly, we are just goods porters."

Hearing this, Rachel immediately understood a lot, but she was still a little confused. "Can't you directly find the factory to purchase goods? The price should be lower."

"We want to." Jimmy shrugged and said helplessly, "But which factory is willing to cooperate with us, a small shop? We don't have much buying. I guess they won't even look at us."


d and took a big sip. Then she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand casually and said enviously, "Cousin, you are so lucky now. You are so happy that you don't need to do anything every day. You just need to spend money."

"It's okay. It's boring to spend money only." Scarlett smoothed her hair on her shoulder and said deliberately.

With her back to Scarlett, Kailey curled her lips. When Kailey turned around and looked at Scarlett, an envious and flattering smile appeared on her face again, which made Scarlett very happy.

She took a look at several shopping bags thrown at the vestibule, took out a new dress, shook it off and put it in front of her to have a competition. "Cousin, the material of your dress is really comfortable to touch. It should not be cheap, right?"

"It's okay. This dress is only a little more than five thousand dollars." Scarlett replied indifferently.

Kailey suddenly opened her mouth wide and was able to swallow two eggs in. In the past, when she worked in the hotel, it would take her two months' salary to buy this dress.

She folded it carefully and put it back into the bag. With a smile, she walked to Scarlett and sat down next to her. She gently tapped her shoulder with her fists and said with a flattering smile, "Cousin, you must be tired after shopping all day. Let me give you a massage. Is it comfortable? Is the strength okay?"

"Not bad."

Scarlett didn't refuse. Instead, she sat in a different position and asked Kailey to help her massage her shoulders. Scarlett seemed to quite enjoy it.

Kailey puckered her lips and made a look of disgust. Of course, it was impossible for Scarlett to see it. The next second, she put on a flattering smile and said, "Cousin, you are so rich now. You must have a lot of free money, right?"

"What's wrong?"

At the mention of money, Scarlett looked much more serious. She didn't let Kailey continue to massage her, motioning for her to sit down.

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