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   Chapter 434 The Variety Show

Trapped In Lace By Chang Du Characters: 10498

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"I don't think I am pitiful. After all, I have you and Celia as my best friends who always care for me. And my baby is coming out soon. I think you all are enough to make my life perfect. I mean it."

Obviously, Rachel wanted to convince Lea that she was okay after everything that happened.

Lea felt a lump in her throat. All of a sudden, she felt like crying. She tried to restrain the tears that were about to well up in her eyes.

Pretending to be relaxed, Rachel patted her shoulder and said, "I'm going to work now. Do you mind driving me to the hospital?"

"Pay me, and I'll send you there right away," Lea joked.

Lea drove Rachel to the gate of the hospital. Rachel had already gone inside, but she didn't drive away yet. After thinking for a while, she dialed Jack's number.

Austin knocked at Jack's office with the minute book in his hand. He then entered and said, "Mr. Fu, everyone else is in the meeting room now. We can start the meeting anytime."

"Okay. I'll be right there."

But as soon as Jack stood up, his phone vibrated. Seeing the name on the screen, he hesitated for a while before he finally answered it. "Hello?"

Lea yelled at him without greeting him.

"Jack Fu, what's wrong with you? When Rachel left, your life became miserable as if you couldn't live without her. Now that she's back, you turned and hooked up with another woman. Are you enjoying it?"

Jack moved the phone away from his ear. When Lea stopped talking, he asked indifferently, "Are you done?"

"Yes, I'm done."

Lea took a deep breath. After voicing out everything, she felt much better now. This was her. She would always feel uncomfortable if she held something in her heart, especially if it had something to do with Rachel. But after she'd said it all, she would feel relieved.

Jack then asked, "Did Rachel ask you to call me?"

Looking at his reflection through the French window, he could see that his lips were trembling slightly. He was full of mixed emotions right now.

"You are overthinking," Lea retorted and hung up.

But the excitement in Jack's heart didn't dissipate for a long time. He knew, if Rachel really opposed it, Lea would not dare to call him and say those words to him.

But since Lea called, it only meant that Rachel acquiesced in it.

If Lea had Rachel's consent, it meant that Rachel still had feelings for him. Although she refused to admit it, she, in fact, still cared about him.

Jack's gloomy mood instantly became bright upon thinking about it.

Inside the meeting room, the managers who had been sitting there for quite a while now started to whisper to each other. They were wondering why Jack hadn't come in yet. One of them suggested to Austin, "How about you go and have a look? I have to meet a client later. If we start the meeting too late, I'm afraid I will not be able to meet the client on time."

"Yes, that's right," the rest of them echoed.

Austin closed the notebook in front of him and stood up. When he returned to Jack's office, he saw Jack picking up his car keys. From the looks of it, he was leaving.

He asked with a frown, "Mr. Fu, are

u are so awesome!"

"Thank you, Aunt Rachel!"

But Gary's smile disappeared the next second he saw Rachel's present. He said unhappily, "Auntie, flowers are only for girls. Next time, give me something that is for boys, okay?"

Rachel was slightly taken aback as she didn't expect to hear such a comment from the little boy. Since she was not able to speak, Jimmy, who was standing next to her, quickly said, "Gary, that's too impolite of you. Rachel gave you these flowers to congratulate you on the success of your performance. How can you say that?"

"It's alright, Jimmy." With a smile, Rachel rubbed Gary's head. "Tell me what you want. I'll keep it in mind, so I can give it to you next time."

"I want Transformers." Gary cheered and jumped up happily.

Jimmy shook his head helplessly, looked at Rachel, and said, "Let's go to the restaurant now. We'll get there on time for dinner."

Rachel had planned to go home right after the show. But earlier, Jimmy's mother urged him, "Jimmy, you can't be so impolite. Rachel took the time to see Gary's performance today. We have to treat her to dinner no matter what."

She then took Rachel's hand and added, "Rachel, if you say no, Jimmy and Gary will be saddened."

She had triggered Rachel's weakness.

Rachel couldn't refuse such kind gestures. Left with no choice, she nodded and called Julie to inform her that she wasn't coming home for dinner.

She thought that Jimmy's mother would go with them. But as soon as Gary finished his performance, she complained that her head ached and left first.

Gary raised his head and looked at Jimmy upon hearing him said dinner. He asked excitedly, "Dad, are we going out for dinner again tonight?"

"Yes," Jimmy replied with a nod.

Gary jumped up and cheered again. "That's great! Aunt Rachel, every time you are with us, we can always eat outside. From now on, can you come over to have dinner with us every day?"

Child as he was, Gary thought that everything was that simple. Rachel and Jimmy exchanged glances embarrassingly at first, but soon just laughed at it.

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