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   Chapter 432 Those Days Are Gone

Trapped In Lace By Changdu Characters: 10388

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Rachel immediately pulled her hand away at the sight. Jack, who was sitting opposite her, frowned tightly and almost stood up, but Rachel was already at her feet, smiling and addressing the others, "I'm afraid that some things require my attention, so I have to leave first. Please enjoy your meal, everyone."

She turned around and walked slowly out of the restaurant to where a black car was parked in the dark. Wearing a black trench coat, Jimmy stood beside the car and smiled at her.

Rachel walked over and smiled at him apologetically. "I'm so sorry for asking you to pick me up."

"Don't worry about it." Jimmy opened the door of the passenger seat and placed his hand on her head to protect her, telling her to be careful. He walked around the front of the car, got in, and drove away.

Neither of them saw Jack exit the restaurant and stare after them with a bone-chilling coldness in his deep, dark eyes.

Inside the car, Rachel sat with her open palms outstretched toward the heater vents. Almost instantly, she felt a lot better. She smiled and said, "You can drop me off at the next intersection. I'll take a cab home."

She really didn't want to stay at that dinner for a minute longer. When she saw Jimmy's message thanking her for accompanying Gary that day, Rachel jumped at the opportunity for escape and asked him to pick her up.

Still, she felt a slight burn of embarrassment.

Jimmy turned his head and saw the apologetic look on her face. With a gentle smile on his lips, he said, "I can drive you to your house. You don't need to call a taxi. Ah, and I have something for you."

"What is it?" she asked, her apologetic look morphing into confusion.

He smiled and said, "Gary's school will be holding a variety show next week, and he will be playing the violin onstage. He told me to invite you to watch his performance."

Rachel looked surprised but pleased. "Wow. He plays the violin?"

Jimmy's eyes darkened, and a bitter smile appeared on his face. "His mother did, so I let him learn it."

For a moment, the atmosphere in the car became a bit morose. Rachel didn't know what to say, so she just closed her eyes and rested for a while.

After she got out of the car in front of her house, Jimmy handed her a red invitation card from his briefcase. "You don't have to force yourself to come if you don't have the time," he said kindly.

"No, I'd love to see Gary's performance."

With a slight smile, Rachel placed the invitation card into her bag and turned her back on the car after a final wave. When she entered the house, she found out that Julie had already retired to her room.

She didn't eat much in the evening. She wasn't hungry at the moment, but it would be more troublesome for her to wake up later if she became hungry in the middle of the night. Rachel went to the kitchen first, made some noodles, and went back to her room.

After washing up as usual, she leaned against the headboard and turned on a podcast on prenatal education for a while. Her thoughts were full of the possibility of Jack not coming home tonight.

The relatio

ating Scarlett well and exhausted all means to be a good boyfriend to the woman. It was nothing but an elaborate ploy to make Rachel jealous and maybe care about him.

Now, here they were, and Rachel was telling him, "I'm not interested in your relationship with her at all, and there's no need for me to be angry."

All of a sudden, Jack burst into laughter that sounded cold and bitter. His deep eyes were as sharp and piercing as a knife. "Okay, glad to know."

He then whirled around and left, slamming the door shut behind him.

Rachel felt the onset of a dull headache, and a buzzing sound filled her head. If not for the broken lamp beside her, she would have thought that Jack only appeared to her in a dream—a nightmare, more correctly speaking.

How could she not care about Scarlett's existence?

If she didn't give a damn, then she wouldn't have conversed with Mr. Wang and taken his business card just to make Jack angry.

She didn't know why, but faced with Jack's fury, she couldn't say what was in her heart. All that came out of her mouth were barbs that were designed to hurt.

Julie woke up from her sound sleep to heed the call of nature. She was about to head to the bathroom when she heard a loud bang from the second floor. She quickly pulled on a coat from the cabinet to take a peek when she heard another loud thud. Not long after, she saw Jack march his way down the stairs angrily and leave without looking back.

Rachel was about to pick up the broken fragments of the lamp when the bedroom door was gently pushed open from outside.

She already knew who it was. She smiled bitterly and said, "Julie, it's late. Why haven't you gone to bed yet?"

"I can't sleep much. It must be my old age—I easily wake up."

Julie walked over to her side and helped her up so she was sitting on the bed. "Miss, please sit down. I'll clean this up."

She went outside to get a broom and a duster, and swept up the fragments. With a sigh, she turned toward Rachel and said, "Miss, is there is something going on between you and Mr. Fu?"

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