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   Chapter 431 An Awkward Dinner

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When the group of people heard what Austin said, they all smiled to show their trust in Jack. The originally quiet box was filled with laughter for a moment.

A woman at the same table, about more than 50 years old, who was about to retire, looked at Rachel and asked with a smile, "Are you the wife of the boss? Now you are pregnant. It seems that our boss is going to be a father soon. "

With a faint smile on her face, Rachel didn't say anything. The news about Jack was just released yesterday, and she was asked by his subordinates the next day. It sounded ironic and embarrassing.

That lady talked about the problems that her daughter-in-law had encountered when she was pregnant carefully, and Rachel listened quietly. The several people at the same table didn't make any noise until they all stood up and shouted at the door of the box, "Boss."

With her back to the door of the box, Rachel couldn't see him, but the people at the same table looked at her again, with an indescribable feeling.

When she was about to look back, she suddenly heard a familiar but strange voice, "Jack, are these all your employees? There are so many people here."

"Yeah, didn't you say that you were bored at home? So I took you out by the way." Jack's voice was particularly gentle, as if it was a warm sun in winter.

But it made Rachel feel a little bitter in her throat. She tried hard to hold back the smile at the corners of her mouth and told herself that it was not a big deal!

The footsteps approached. Although Rachel looked down at the plate in front of her, she knew that the two of them bypassed her directly. When she breathed a sigh of relief, she felt a little sad.

Although they didn't sit next to him, they sat opposite her.

It meant that she'd better keep her head down during the meal, otherwise she could see the two of them as soon as she raised her head.

The lively atmosphere suddenly quieted down, and even Austin was confused, wondering what Jack was thinking.

On the one hand, Jack asked him to pick up Rachel, and on the other hand, he himself brought another woman here. The two of them seemed to love each other very much.

The people present probably had the same thought as him. Some of them who were bold and curious began to discuss in a low voice regardless of Jack.

The other two kept moving their eyes between them, glancing at Rachel and Jack.

After calming herself down, Rachel raised her head and tried to maintain a calm smile. "Everyone should be here. Don't sit here anymore. Pick up the chopsticks and enjoy the dinner!"

Then she picked up a piece of roast duck meat in front of her with chopsticks and put it in her bowl. She lowered her head and began to eat.

Withdrawing his gaze from her, Jack put an arm on Scarlett's shoulder and asked softly, "Do you like all these? If you don't like it, ask the waiter to serve more."

"No, thanks. I'm not a picky eater."

Scarlett was really overjoyed.

It was b

achel. Seeing that she seemed not to notice him at all and was still talking with Mr. Wang, he slammed the table and stood up.

Among these people, Austin knew the most about the relationship between Jack and Rachel. Although he was confused about Jack's behavior of bringing Scarlett here, he vaguely guessed something.

At this moment, seeing Jack's murderous eyes, Austin stood up and walked to Mr. Wang. He pulled Mr. Wang's arm and said, "Mr. Wang, you've been here for a long time. Your friends must be waiting for you."

Mr. Wang didn't realize it at all. He waved his hand and said, "It doesn't matter. I've told them before I came. Besides, I haven't finished my toast yet."

While they were talking, Mr. Wang had already sat down on the empty chair next to Rachel, as if he wouldn't leave until they had a good chat.

At this moment, Jack didn't look good and Scarlett had already been a little unhappy. She forced herself to calm down, picked up the bottle on the side and filled her glass in front of her. She smiled at Mr. Wang and said, "Mr. Wang, since you have proposed a toast to Jack, I'll drink this as a response to you. Please don't refuse my kindness, Mr. Wang."

Her words not only shifted the attention of all to her, but also directly showed the intimate relationship between her and Jack.

Mr. Wang also looked away from Rachel and nodded with a smile, "Mrs. Fu, you're so kind."

A complacent smile appeared on Scarlett's face.

Seeing that Jack had no intention of refuting Mr. Wang's "Mrs. Fu", Rachel felt her heart ached, but she still pretended to be strong and looked at all this without changing her face.

Scarlett sat down with a smile. Seeing that Jack's glass was empty, she refilled it thoughtfully.

Mr. Wang, on the other hand, had almost finished his drink. Now that he had drunk a full glass of wine, he felt a little relaxed. Seeing that Rachel was putting her fair-skinned hand on the table, he wanted to touch it directly.

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