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   Chapter 425 A Warm Moment

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Gary raised his head and his little face flushed with tears. Maybe he cried too hard just now, he burped and sobbed, "I quarreled with grandma. I'm going to run away from home."

'Run away from home?'

Rachel frowned and asked, "Why did you quarrel with grandma? What happened?"

"Grandma... She wanted to find a new wife for dad. Speaking of this, Gary kept crying.

Listening to this aggrieved cry, the deep of Rachel's heart was a little soft. Gary's mother had just passed away, and his grandmother immediately found a new wife for her son, which was really hard to accept.

Moreover, children were not as precocious as before, they know a lot through the Internet and TV.

It was obviously that he was more excited to resist these things.

Taking out a piece of tissue from her bag, Rachel gently wiped the tears on his face and said in a soft voice, "Have you ever asked Dad? What did he say?"

Gary raised his hand and rubbed his red eyes. He said with grievance, "Dad is not off duty yet. I don't know."

Heaving a sigh, Rachel reached out and signed his hand. Instead of mentioning it, she turned to him and asked, "It's so late. Let me drive you home, okay? Otherwise, your father will be worried when he comes back and sees that you are not at home."

He immediately lowered his head and said in a muffled voice, "I don't want to go back."

There was nothing Rachel could do. She was worried about letting him walk around on the street alone, so she asked, "Have you had dinner yet?"

Gary shook his head, and his stomach also cried out cooperatively at this time. With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Rachel said, "Then I'll take you to eat something now. What do you want to eat?"

Children's temper came and went quickly. Rachel distracted his attention.

He tilted his head, his eyes rolling two circles, and asked expectantly, "Steak? Dad hasn't taken me to eat for a long time."

"Okay, you can eat anything you want today."

Lowering her head, Rachel checked the nearby western restaurant on her mobile phone. Coincidentally, a taxi stopped at the side. When she opened the door and was about to let Gary in, an anxious voice came from behind. Not long after, she saw Jimmy running over, with his hands on his waist, panting.

His face was full of anxiety and fear. He didn't feel relieved until he saw Gary standing beside Rachel.

He squatted down, held Gary's arm and frowned, "What's wrong with you? How could you run away from home at such a young age! Do you know how many places I have been to look for you? I almost went to the police station!"

Gary lowered her head. "I hate grandma."

Seeing that his mood, which had just been a little relieved, became depressed again, Rachel couldn't help saying, "Mr. Jimmy, don't blame Gary for this. Talk about it when he calms down a little bit."

It seemed that Jimmy didn't notice Rachel until now. He said in surprise, "Dr

e nurse came in, he said coldly, "Help me discharge from the hospital!"

The nurse said in a low voice, "Mr. Jack, you should stay here for another week."

"No, thanks. I'm leaving the hospital right now!"

Ignoring the nurse, Jack opened the wardrobe and took out his clothes, heading to the bathroom.

With an embarrassed look on her face, the nurse walked to the nursing station and asked, "Mindy, Mr. Jack said he wanted to leave the hospital. What should we do with it?"

"Let him be. I don't think he can stop us." Mindy shook her head helplessly, took out Jack's information from the corresponding folder, handed it to the nurse, and said, "You go to go through the discharge formalities now, and later I will call his family."

Rachel yawned and slowly sat up from the bed. It was Saturday today, and she rarely had a good sleep.

In the past, when she was in the Cardiology Department, she would have a rest from time to time. If she was lucky, she could have a regular rest according to the duty schedule every month. But if something unexpected happened, she would often not have a rest for a long time.

Sometimes, it was lucky for her to sleep for seven hours a day.

Now she was transferred to the executive department. It was rare for her to enjoy the charm of weekends. No wonder there were many doctors in the hospital who wanted to work in the office at all costs and enjoy the regular life.

Rachel walked to the window, opened the curtain and stretched lazily in the sunlight.

When she was about to go downstairs for breakfast, she suddenly frowned slightly. Standing here and looking out, she saw a black car parking at the door.

At this moment, Jack got out of the car.

'Why does he come back?'

Thinking of his physical condition yesterday, Rachel frowned and wondered if he was suitable to be discharged from the hospital. At this time, Julie's voice suddenly sounded, "Miss Rachel, Mr. Jack is back."

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