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   Chapter 424 For Duty

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Rachel didn't respond. Instead, she picked the thermos bottle and ate up the soup in one gulp. After glaring at him, she sprinted out of the room.

She had assumed this would happen just once. But he continued to behave in this manner in the coming days. Not caring about her work or condition, he called her to the hospital for half an hour every day. It seemed like he wished to go on doing this forever.

Rachel tried to refuse him on several occasions. She brought up her work and health condition. But he wouldn't take no for an answer, bringing up his threat.

Feeling defeated, she obeyed his whims. However, today, just when she was about to leave work, the director of the executive department called her. She put two folders on Rachel's desk and asked, "Rachel, are you free now? I have to hand in these materials before I get off work. Since I have other materials to deal with, I was hoping you could give me a hand."

After thinking for a while, Rachel sat down again and said, "Director, I'm pregnant now. I am not as fast as I used to be. These materials may not be ready anytime soon."

"It doesn't matter. I'll ask two more people to deal with it. Just try to do as much as you can. No pressure!"


Rachel thought that perhaps she could use this as an excuse and skip visiting Jack.

Moreover, she disliked the taste of the soup he gave her. It might be healthy, but she only had it because he was forcing her to. 'This would be a nice break from the soup, ' she thought to herself.

After the director left, Rachel took out her phone and dialed Jack's number. She said in a low voice, "I am overloaded with work today. I don't have time to go to the you."

Jack frowned and suggested, "Why not? I am in no hurry. You can come here after you finish your work."

Without any hesitation, Rachel said, "I'll work overtime. When I'm done with it, it might be a bit later than your visiting hours."

Of course, Jack knew that she didn't want to come. Every time she came, she had an indifferent look etched on her face. However, seeing her every day filled him in with peace. Even if she sat in silence, it made him quite happy. He couldn't go a day without seeing her.

After thinking for a while, he said, "In that case, I don't mind bringing you the soup. Also, my hospital in quite close to yours. I can walk."

"No way!" Closing her eyes, Rachel tried to calm herself down, but she couldn't help cursing this man for putting her in this situation. She said quickly, "I'll be there after work. Don't bother yourself."

Then she hung up the phone.

Rachel couldn't figure out why Jack was so persistent. 'What does he gain by watching me eat his soup?' she thought with exasperation.

He didn't have to put her in this situation.

Putting away her clouded thoughts, Rachel somehow calmed down and began to deal with the documents at hand. She had assumed it would be difficult. However, the documents she needed to sort out were from the cardiology department where she used to work. With her expertise, she managed to handle it smoothly and finished it an hour earlier.

With a sigh, she went to the director's office. She noticed the lady was busily typing on the keyboard, and she seemed a bit nervous.

Putting the document on the t

t allowed to dream?"

"No, you aren't allowed to pursue such unreasonable dreams. Besides, I suspect that the news might be fake. Haven't you seen a woman come here every day? She is pregnant. Every time she comes, I see his face lighting up. I am guessing she must be his wife."

Hearing the gossip, Scarlett's eyes turned red with rage. She had no knowledge of the fact that Rachel used to come here every day. Had the two of them gotten back together?

Wanting to find out what was going on, she decided to stay back. Sitting in the coffee shop opposite to the hospital, she waited for Rachel's arrival. Once she spotted Rachel getting out of the taxi, she followed her to his ward.

And now, Rachel left the ward. Scarlett had successfully planted suspicion in Rachel's heart. Presently, Rachel felt a lump in her throat.

Every day, Rachel would tell herself that their relationship had come to an end. There was nothing left. Once the baby would come out, their separation would become official. Her brain told her that Jack's love life was none of her concern. But her stupid heart wouldn't listen.

The mere sight of Scarlett in Jack's ward wounded her heart. With a sigh, she tried to stop thinking about them.

In this helpless state, she continued to walk.

Passing through the sidewalk at the gate of the hospital, Rachel waited to hail a taxi. Something caught her attention. The child who was walking towards her with his head down seemed familiar. He seemed to be Jimmy's son. When he got closer, she tentatively called out his name.

The little boy stopped and looked up, tear streaking down his face.

When he saw her, he felt very aggrieved. He ran up to her, opened his arms and held her tightly. Through his sobs, he uttered, "Auntie..."

Rachel rubbed his head and asked with concern, "What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

Although he was just a primary school student, he behaved more mature than his age. Perhaps it had something to do with his family. Rachel always felt that he was more sensible and mature than other kids.

Even though she had no idea why he was sad, she felt sorry for him. "Tell me, why are you crying?" she asked once again.

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