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   Chapter 423 Had A Nightmare

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Henry asked, "Aunt, what's bothering you?"

"I don't know what's wrong with Jack recently. He's not doing well." Tracy turned to look at Henry, with a worried look on her face. "It's not easy for him to recover now. As a mother, I only hope that he can live a peaceful life in the future. Don't make such a big trouble again."

Henry didn't know why Tracy suddenly said such sad words to him, so he just replied "Yes" and waited for her to continue.

Sure enough, after a moment of silence, Tracy continued, "You should know what happened between our family and Shen family, right? Even if they are together, there is a time bomb between them. Maybe it will explode one day. "

Tracy had meant to say that, but as soon as she started, her emotions were affected, and she couldn't help but shed tears. She choked, "Now that they are separated, it doesn't matter. Scarlett is with Jack now."

The implication was that the relationship between [傅靳南] and Shen Ruan could be over.

[秦怀吾] frowned and didn't say anything. They just arrived at the old house of the Fu clan. After saying goodbye to Li miner, she got off the car.

This time the fever was a little inexplicable. Rachel only felt a dull pain in her temples, and her eyelids were particularly heavy.

Rachel wiped her body with cotton dipped in some alcohol, but it didn't relieve her at all. Then Lea threw the cotton into the trash can and came back with a trace of worry in her eyes. "Are you really okay, Rachel? Let's go to the hospital?"

"No need." Rachel lay down again and pulled the quilt, "I'll be fine after a nap."

After closing her eyes for a while, Rachel fell asleep. Vaguely, she felt her body floating in the air. After a while, she landed safely in a small apartment. The simple decoration and furnishings seemed to be a little familiar.

Walking around the house, Rachel vaguely remembered that it was the wedding room of her and Jack.

She went upstairs and gently pushed open the bedroom door. A woman was sitting in front of the pure white dressing table and wiping her hair with a towel. Not long after, the door of the bathroom opened, and a burst of hot air came over. Jack came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a bath towel. His eyes were full of smile. "Silly girl, why don't you dry your hair?"

"The hair dryer is too heavy. I don't want to use it."

The voice was not hers.

Frowning, Rachel slowly walked up to the dresser and glanced at it. Her heart skipped a beat. It was Scarlett sitting here.

At this time, Scarlett turned around and stuck out her tongue at Jack, acting like a spoiled child, "Can you help me?"


Jack's face was full of affection. He turned back and came out again with a hair dryer in his hand. He stood behind Scarlett and gently helped her dry her hair.

The dim yellow light from the ceiling was cast on the two people. At this moment, the scene w

ould only take a spoon and drink a few mouthfuls.

Seeing her spoon by spoon, Jack fixed his eyes on her face and was reluctant to leave.

He had thought to ignore her directly and even wanted to take revenge on her in the way she treated him. But when he recalled that he had seen her in the restaurant two days ago that Rachel seemed to be thinner than before his car accident. Her face, which was only as big as a palm, had lost a whole circle. A pang of heartache crawled into his heart.

Tracy brought him soup every day, most of which was bone soup. She wanted him to recover as soon as possible, but yesterday he suddenly asked her to change a kind of soup.

Tracy thought he was tired of it at first, so she asked with a smile, "How about I cook you corn ribs soup tomorrow? It's not that greasy."

He shook his head and denied, "No. Ask the aunt to cook me some soup with insect grass and fish gel."

"Didn't you like the smell of the fish gel before?" Tracy asked in confusion.

He just smiled and didn't answer, because he didn't drink the soup himself, but prepared it for Rachel.

And he also knew that if he called her directly and asked her to come over, she would refuse. That was why he came up with this idea today.

The thermos bottle in her hand looked small, but its capacity was not. Rachel felt a little hungry at first, but after drinking a few spoonful of it, she felt full and gave a loud burp.

She put down the spoon and looked up at Jack, "Do you ask me to come here just to let me drink soup?"

Jack shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, I can't pour it, so I have to ask you drink it."

"So you asked me to come here just to be your trash can?" Rachel laughed.

Jack looked down at his phone and didn't answer. Rachel wiped her mouth and stood up. Her voice was so calm that no one could see any emotion. "I hope you won't do such boring things again."

"I don't feel bored."

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