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   Chapter 422 Divorce Agreement

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The man made a slight bow and handed a business card to Julie. He introduced himself, "I'm a lawyer entrusted by Mr. Jack Fu. I came here to talk to Miss Rachel Shen."

Rachel heard him clearly from her perch at the top of the stairs.

'A lawyer?

What is he doing here?'

She walked downstairs and said, "I am Rachel Shen. What's going on?"

The lawyer gestured toward the room and asked, "May I come in and have a seat?"

Rachel asked Julie to get a cup of tea and waited for the other woman to return from the kitchen. She took a look at the lawyer, who was leisurely sipping on his tea, and asked, "Sir, what are you doing here?"

The lawyer put down the teacup, took out a document from his briefcase, and put it on the table. "Mr. Fu entrusted me to handle your divorce. This document is the divorce agreement. Please have a look. If there's no problem, sign your name at the last page."

On the white sheet, the words "Divorce Agreement" appearing multiple times in stark black ink looked particularly conspicuous. Rachel's h

r was as unwelcome as it was unexpected.

The frown on Henry's brow deepened.

On the other side of the bed, Tracy carefully watched the two of them, several emotions crossing her face. She secretly held her breath, fearing that Henry would tell Jack everything about Rachel's situation.

At Jack's response, she breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at Henry and said, "Henry, my back is feeling a bit uncomfortable. I want to go home and rest for a bit, but the driver couldn't get here on a short notice. Would you mind driving me home?"

Jack didn't say anything. After shooting her a quizzical look, Henry nodded at Tracy.

Ninwell City had been overcast and rainy for the past few days, but the skies finally cleared up today. The sun was not strong, but its warmth was enough so that the car heater did not have to be turned on.

Although Henry and Jack were good friends, neither of them had much contact with each other's parents.

During the drive, Henry remained quiet. After a while, Tracy suddenly heaved a long sigh.

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