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   Chapter 421 Someone Unimportant

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After expressing his thanks, Jack quickened his pace. The wound in his abdomen was pulled and he frowned tightly.

He pressed the button of the elevator with one hand covering his stomach and the other hand. When he finally arrived at the executive department, he saw that there was no figure of Rachel. There was only a girl with a ponytail sitting in the seat. She was eating the Bento in her hand and giggling while watching the series of TV series on the tablet.

He raised his hand and knocked gently on the table, asking, "Hello, is Rachel here?"

The girl put down the Bento in her hand and wiped her mouth. "Dr. Rachel just went out."

"Did she go to the canteen?"

The girl shook her head and said, "No, I heard that someone treated her for lunch. She went to the restaurant named Moo Shu on the next street of the hospital."

"Okay, I see. Thank you."

The nurse behind her saw Jack turn around and seemed to be about to go to Moo Shu, but when she saw his pale face and cold sweat on his forehead because he endured the headache, she asked uneasily, "Mr., do you want to have a rest first?"

"No, thanks." Jack just wanted to find Rachel as soon as possible.

He had thought that there was something wrong with her, so she couldn't come to the hospital to see him. But since she could go out to have dinner with others, it was obvious that he thought too much.

He wanted to ask her face to face if he was really so worthless in her heart?

In Moo Shu, there were a lot of dishes on the table, which made Rachel a little embarrassed. "Mr. Jimmy, you're too polite."

Jimmy scratched the back of his head and smiled awkwardly, "I wanted to order more dishes, but the waiter stopped me and said it was enough for all of us."

"Yes, it's really too much to order these dishes."

There were only three adults and a child in total, but Jimmy ordered twenty dishes.

Glancing at the clock on the wall, Rachel frowned and asked, "Why hasn't aunt come yet?"

"I'll go out and make a phone call."

Jimmy went out with his phone and soon came back with a faint smile on his lips. "She said that the child's parents suddenly had something to deal with, so she couldn't come out. Forget it, Dr. Rachel. Let's have lunch."

"What a coincidence!"

Looking at the dishes on the table, Rachel had no choice but to eat them with chopsticks.

Jimmy was a talkative man. Knowing that Rachel's pregnant, he picked up some interesting things about his wife's pregnancy. Once heard something about him, Gary would stop eating and turn to look at his father, asking innocently, "Dad, was I really so naughty at that time? Why don't I think so?"

For a moment, the atmosphere was less awkward and more familiar.

Jimmy picked up some vegetables and put them on her plate. He said slowly, "I just saw that you seldom eat vegetables, but you should eat more. My wife didn't like to eat vegetables when she was pregnant


Jack returned to the ward and untied his coat. The wound in his abdomen had been torn, and his clothes had been stained with a large amount of blood. Fortunately, his coat was thick enough to prevent the blood from coming out.

When the doctor came to deal with the wound, he frowned and wanted to say something, but considering his identity, he could only bear it. He gritted his teeth and said seriously, "Mr. Jack, your wound is not completely healed yet. You can't get out of bed anymore, oaky?"

"Got it."

Jack replied expressionlessly. He had rested for a while in bed, but his face was a little worse than before.

Recalling the scene that he just stood at the door of the restaurant and saw Rachel talking and laughing with that man, Jack only felt a sharp knife stabbing into his heart. At that moment, the pain on his body was no longer worth mentioning!

He had hoped that Rachel could tell him that there was a reason why she didn't show up, but in the end, she said that he was just an insignificant person!

Because it didn't matter, even if she was injured to death, it was still none of her business.

Jack's pale face was immediately covered with gaunt fatigue and deep sadness.

After coming out of the restaurant, Rachel didn't go to the hospital anymore. She just called the Director to ask for leave and then went home directly. Lying on the bed, her mind was in a mess.

Thinking of what Jimmy had said, she couldn't help but wonder if there was really a misunderstanding between her and Jack? 'Should I go to find him and sit down to make it clear?'

After thinking for a while, Rachel got out of bed, took out her coat from the cabinet and put it on. When she went downstairs, the doorbell rang.

Julie came out of the kitchen in a hurry. She wiped her two hands on the apron casually and opened the door. Looking at the man standing outside with a briefcase in his hand, she asked, "Who are you looking for?"

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