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   Chapter 413 Let The News Be Published On Purpose

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Since that day, although they lived under the same roof, the two of them didn't say a word.

Every morning, when Rachel went downstairs, he had already left. And in the evening, she went back to her room to rest, but he hadn't come back yet.

And how could she know anything about the banquet last night?

But now, in the eyes of outsiders, she and Jack were still a couple. She knew that they were equal in wealth and loss.

Rachel knew that when others said that Jack was a playboy, which must have something to do with her.

She looked down at her belly. It was only five months, then she would have nothing to do with him. There was really no need to endure other people's criticism at this time.

It was better to find a random reason to explain this matter and block their gossip.

After a moment of silence, Rachel folded the newspaper and returned it to Celia. "These reporters like to catch groundless accusations, or no one will read these newspapers. When you go back, if someone asks you again, you can explain to them. Thank you."

Celia was the most suitable person. She nodded and said solemnly, "Okay, Rachel, don't worry."

As soon as she saw him off, Rachel picked up the tea cup and took a sip. Her phone on the table rang. Jonathan's deep voice came from the receiver, "Rachel, where were you last night?"

Knowing that he wanted to ask about the news on the newspaper in a roundabout way, Rachel smiled faintly and said directly, "Do you want to ask about the news about Jack?"

"Yes." Being directly pointed out, Jonathan paused and asked, "Don't be angry. I'll deal with that brat then. If he does such a thing, it will embarrass our Fu family."

Rachel adjusted her position, "I'm not angry. I asked that girl to go to the party with Jack last night."

Rachel repeated what she had just said to Celia to Jonathan. She finally managed to comfort him. After hanging up the phone, she only felt a burst of exhaustion in her heart.

At the same time, Austin pushed the door open from the outside, looked at the pile of documents on the table and asked, "Boss, have you dealt with these documents?"

Jack put down his phone and rubbed between his eyebrows, "Not yet. Forget it today. I'll deal with it tomorrow."

"Okay." Austin nodded. He was really confused. Normally, it didn't take half an hour for Jack to deal with these documents.

But today, these documents were sent here as soon as he went to work this morning. It was almost time to go off work, but he still didn't finish any of them.

Austin was quite curious. "Boss, are you okay? Or do you feel uncomfortable?"

"Nothing." Jack leaned back, crossed his hands in front of him and closed his eyes slightly.

Seeing that he didn't

g more to him. After saying that, she stood up and went back to the room on the two floor.

Following her, Jack wanted to say something but finally said nothing. He watched her close the door without looking back.

At this moment, he hoped that Rachel wouldn't continue this topic. He was afraid that he couldn't control himself to say something unpleasant, which would make this dangerous relationship shake again. On the other hand, he wanted her to say something. It seemed that only she said something could prove that she didn't have no feelings for him.

At least, when she saw him with another girl, she would still feel uncomfortable and want to question him!

These contradictions touched in his heart randomly, making him feel annoyed and not happy.

On the other side, Scarlett, who had been reported on the news, was sitting on the sofa arrogantly and attending the Party of the young ladies. She enjoyed being watched by them, inquiring and curious.

She cleared her throat and said, "Don't hold it. Just ask what you want to know."

She said in a condescending manner.

The girls also heard it, but they couldn't help but feel curious. One of them, Aimee Yang, asked first, "Scarlett, what method have you used? Why do you suddenly hook up with Jack from the MK Group?"

Scarlett knocked on the glass table with a spoon, "What are you talking about? Hook up? I'm dating him. He's my boyfriend."

Obviously, they didn't believe it. They winked at each other. Aimee Yang said, "If it's true, you can call him out and let our sisters see him and check for you."

"He is too busy." Scarlett's expression changed slightly and her attitude became evasive at once.

These changes were obvious in their eyes, so they became more excited. "You are his girlfriend. He will come soon after you call him."

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