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   Chapter 410 Baby Is Healthy

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When they arrived at the hospital, Julie and Rachel were stunned to see it was crammed with people. After finding an empty seat for Rachel, Julie went to the registry desk to get the number. Sitting all by herself, Rachel looked at the passers-by. Realizing Julie would be back soon, she put her bag on the seat next to her, reserving the seat for Julie.

Julie was back within a few minutes. She looked up at the screen on the wall and then looked down at the paper in her hands. Doing a quick mental calculation, she announced, "Miss, there are seven people ahead of us. This will take a while."

Rachel smiled and said, "It's alright. I don't mind waiting."

Julie nodded and kept the number token inside the medical record. After a while, she looked at Rachel and asked, "Miss, why didn't you just let Mr. Fu to take a shower and send us to the hospital? It would have been nice to have him with us. If he was here, you wouldn't have had to wait. I am sure of that."

"Like I said, I don't mind waiting," Rachel replied. Even though she tried to look fine, her hands subconsciously went and pressed against the back of her waist. She was indeed in pain.

Her belly had gotten quite big recently. After sitting there for a long time, she was beginning to feel discomfort. Her body was getting sore.

Her pain didn't go unnoticed by Julie. Keeping aside the medical record, she reached out and rubbed the back of Rachel's waist. "Miss, Mr. Fu really cares about you. If you both are fighting, then I highly suggest you talk about it and sort it out. If you both don't talk about it, how will you fix it?"

In the past few days, Julie had taken the full responsibility of Rachel's diet. Being with her all the time, she noticed something was off about her relationship with Jack. Now she wanted to help them sort things out.

Seeing that her words hadn't offended Rachel, Julie went on. "How is it possible for two people to live together without a little arguments? Let bygones be bygones. Such fights are known to make a relationship stronger. But things need to be fixed, so hurry up."

Although Rachel knew all these things, she couldn't look past Jack's mistake.

There was a time when she didn't love him. Back then, it was easy for her to turn a blind eye to these matters. But ever since she fell in love with him, her expectations from him became high. Even the smallest mistake from his part would hurt her.

Before she could dwell more on these thoughts, the nurse's voice came from the door. "Rachel Shen, come on in."

Rachel slowly stood up and took the medical record from Julie's hand. She smiled and said, "Julie, I can go in by myself. You wait for me here."

On the other side, Scarlett was sitting in the cafe, impatiently waiting for Jack's call. The girl sitting opposite her snapped her fingers, trying to gain Scarlett's attention. "Can we leave now? Besides you can answer his call wherever you are. There is no point in sitting here," she said, looking a bit frustrated.

"What if I don't hear the phone ring?" Scarlett asked, looking a little worried. Looking at her ph

menu with her bright eyes, she didn't want to disappoint her. She let her order as she pleased. After the waiter left, she blinked her eyes and asked, "Rachel, did I order too much?"

Taking a sip of the lemonade, Rachel answered, "Yes, I think you did."

"Really? Do you want me to cancel some?" Seeing that Rachel had thought she had overdone, Celia slowly turned around and got ready to call the waiter. However, her voice was way too low for him to hear.

Rachel said, "Speak louder. What happened to your voice?"

Celia bit her lips and asked with grievance, "Rachel, do you really want me to cancel some dishes. I am sure the waiter will laugh at us."

"I'm not afraid of being laughed at. I'm just worried about my wallet."

Rachel was determined to maintain a poker face. But seeing the anxiety on Celia's face, she burst out laughing. Celia quickly realized Rachel was only joking. Pounding the table, she looked at Rachel and exclaimed, "Rachel, you are joking with me!"

Giving up any pretense of being serious, Rachel continued to laugh. But something froze her smile. Cheerfulness left her body.

Celia waved her hand in front of Rachel and asked in confusion, "What's wrong?"

When Celia was about to turn her head and look behind, Rachel came back to her senses and said, "I was just wondering if Marcus knows about your appetite. Is he aware he is going to raise a piggy instead of a girlfriend?"


Looking at the nervous look on Celia's face, Rachel smiled. But her heart was thudding against her chest.

Just now, she had caught sight of Jack with the girl who had come to her in the fried chicken store. They were getting out of one of the private rooms. Although he seemed indifferent, the girl clung to him. Holding his arm, she was whispering something into his ear. Her excitement was evident to Rachel.

'Why are the two of them here?' she wondered.

At this moment, the waiter brought them the dishes they ordered. Celia said excitedly, "Rachel, where are you lost? Look at the food! So yummy! I'm starving to death."

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