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   Chapter 405 Lea's Visit

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Rachel didn't know how long she had cried and didn't notice that she had fallen asleep. Seeing that she hadn't come down yet, Julie was worried about her, so she went to the room, gently patted her exposed shoulder and whispered, "Miss, you have slept too long. You can wake up now."

Turning over, Rachel said with sleepiness in her slightly narrowed eyes, "I'll take a nap for a while. I'm getting up."

"But I just got a call from you. It's Miss Lea. She will be here in about ten minutes."


When she heard the name, Rachel felt much sober in an instant. She sat up from the bed, but Julie was a little shocked by her flexible movements. She kept saying, "Miss, slow down. Now that you are pregnant, you can't be as fast as before. No matter what you do, take it slowly!"

Knowing that she was also concerned about her, Rachel smiled. Although she didn't say anything, she slowed down her movement subconsciously and got out of bed slowly. As soon as she changed her clothes, the sound of Lea and Rita came downstairs.

"Mom, it's so late. Why is Rachel still sleeping? Didn't you say that we couldn't sleep too late?"

"Because Rachel is pregnant now. The two of them sleep together. Of course they should sleep longer."

Listening to the conversation between the two people, Rachel unconsciously quickened her pace of dressing. This time, regardless of Julie's words, she trotted downstairs.

It had been a long time since the last time she saw Lea and Rita.

As soon as Rita saw her, she habitually opened her arms and pounced on her. Startled, Lea quickly reached out to grab the collar of the piece from behind and educated her, "Didn't you see that Rachel's belly has become bigger? Now there is a little baby in her belly. If you bump into it like this, the baby will get hurt."

"Then I won't hit you."

Rita's long eyelashes were fluttering with tears, Rachel squatted down and gently held her hand. "I'll have a child to play with you, okay?"

"Okay." The child's attention was easily diverted. She clapped her hands and asked excitedly, "Rachel, is it a little brother or a little sister? Rita wants a little sister to play with me."

Rachel smiled, "I don't know. I won't know until the baby comes out of my belly."

Rita immediately answered, "If you give birth to a little brother, I will have a little sister."

Rachel and Lea burst into laughter.

Lea asked with a smile, "How can you have a little sister then?"

"Dad told me that as long as I put the doll in from the bottom of my feet." Then Rita trotted to the sofa and sat down, shaking her legs. She turned the TV to the cartoon channel and watched it with a smile, giving the two of them a look of "you are stupid."

Lea stood still, gnashing her teeth in hatred. "Henry always talks nonsense

t second.

Only in the face of others, such as Lea, would she smile, but in front of himself, there would never be any expression on her face, as if what he had done was useless in her eyes.

At this moment, a sense of frustration arose in his heart.

When he lowered his eyes, his phone in his pocket vibrated.

Tracy said in a hurry, "Son, come here right now."

"What's up?" he asked

Tracy didn't go straight to the point. Instead, she shouted, "Come here quickly. You'll know when you come!"

Looking at the phone that had been hung up, Jack frowned and left after thinking for a while.

At this time, in the yard of the Fu family, Tracy asked the servant to take out all the nuts and fruits and put them on the table. Then she kept telling the girl in front of her to eat more, with a very enthusiastic attitude.

After the servants finished their work, they found a corner and stood there. They looked at the girl from time to time and whispered, "Why do I feel this girl looks a little familiar?"

"I think so, but I can't remember where I met her in a short time."

"Don't you think she looks like Rachel?"

Hearing this, the chatting people suddenly understood and nodded in agreement.

Jack parked his car at the gate. As soon as he entered the gate, he stopped when he saw the two people chatting and laughing in the yard. After thinking for a while, he immediately turned around and left.

Unfortunately, his speed was still a little slower.

Tracy happened to see him and shouted behind him, "Jack, why don't you come over? What are you going to do?"

"I remember that I have something to deal with, so I have to go back." Without looking back, Jack took out the car key from his pocket. As soon as he opened the door, Tracy caught up with him and grabbed his arm. "What's the big deal? Why are you in a hurry to go back now?"

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