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   Chapter 404 I Have A Request

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"What about the second one?" Rachel pursed her lips and looked down at her toes, but her ears were anxiously listening to Jack.

Jack said, "If you don't go back with me now, I will find out whether that child is mine or not in my own way. And if I confirm that it is my child, I will do everything to take it back. Rachel, you know me. And you also know that you can't win against me in this aspect."

Jack was aware that if he didn't force her, she might not give him any chance at all.

And since he had given her two options, she must know which one was best for her and her baby.

After being silent for a few minutes later, Rachel sneered, "Jack, I never thought that you could be this shameless."

For Jack, it didn't matter. As long as he could get her back, he wouldn't hesitate to use even dirty methods.

Rachel raised her head and glared at him. She then said through clenched teeth, "I have no other choice but to go back with you. But I have a request. I don't want your parents to know."

She wasn't ready to face them yet.

"Okay," Jack replied in a low voice.

Rachel was already in Ninwell City, but she still felt that everything was just a dream.

However, when she looked around the strange living room, she realized that everything was real.

Jack brought her to a two-story villa. She had always known that Jack had a lot of properties, but she didn't expect that he would bring her to a new house to live. Was he trying to avoid that she remembered the bad memories in the past?

He was indeed a smart man.

Jack put down the suitcase in his hand and looked at Rachel. His eyes were deep and warm, but she pretended not to notice it. Instead, she asked in a plain voice, "Where is my room?"

Anyone would understand what she was trying to imply. She wouldn't share a room with him.

It seemed that he had already anticipated this, so he pointed at the right side of the second floor and said, "I've prepared everything inside your room. Let's have dinner first, then I'll take you there so you can check if you need something more."

He reached out to hold her hand as he spoke, but his fingertips only slid across her clothes.

Rachel said, "I can walk by myself. From now on, I hope you avoid touching or holding me if it's not necessary."

The maid was busy preparing dinner in the dining room. When she saw them coming in, she came over and said with a smile, "Miss, I cooked some noodles for you."

"Thank you," Rachel answered with a smile. As long as she didn't face Jack, she could easily smile in front of others.

With a bitter smile, Jack forced himself to cheer up and introduced the maid to Rachel, "Rachel, this is Julie. She is here to take care of you when I'm not here. You can call her if you need anything. Will that be okay for you?"

Rachel did not respond.

She just walked to the cupboard and took a pair of chopsticks, returned to the tabl

ime as usual. But upon realizing that she didn't need to go to school anymore, she stayed lying in bed and continued to rest.

She wasn't able to resign from work formally. But when she finished writing her resignation letter and was about to go back to school to submit it, Jack told her that he had already taken care of everything.

Although she was curious about how he did it, she didn't dare to ask him.

She had been lying in bed for quite a while now when Julie knocked on the door and said, "Miss, I cooked some bird's nest soup for you. Would you like me to bring it to your room?"

Without getting up from the bed, she answered, "I'm not hungry yet. I'll just go down later."

Julie had been cooking different kinds of healthy food for her since she came back to help her recuperate. If before she had three meals a day, now she had five meals.

Her belly got bigger and bigger day by day.

For Jack, peeping through Rachel's bedroom door had been his daily habit. Before he went to work and after he arrived home, he would open her door slightly and peep.

Although he couldn't see her clearly, he was satisfied, especially that Rachel didn't object.

He did the same thing today.

Rachel was still in bed when she heard the door cracked. Knowing that it was Jack, a strange emotion rose from her heart.

In the past two days, Jack had been treating her like a queen. Although he didn't personally come to her, she knew that he gave all the instructions to Julie. Rachel didn't say anything, but she couldn't deny the fact that she was getting affected. She was touched by all his gestures.

But what about her parents?

Every time she thought of them, there was a pain in her heart. Mixed emotions overwhelmed her. Hiding in the quilt, she couldn't help but sob in a low voice. Her shoulders were trembling slightly.

Jack silently stood in front of her door for a long time. Finally, he closed the door and left.

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