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   Chapter 402 Tracy Pitied Her Son

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But the smile on Mrs. Zhu's face vanished in an instant. She stared at Rachel and asked seriously, "Miss Shen, where's your husband? You have never introduced him to us."

Hearing the word "husband" made Rachel lose her appetite. She answered in a low voice, "We broke up before I could even find out that I'm pregnant, so I have decided to raise my baby alone."

When she noticed that Mrs. Zhu still wanted to say something, she put down her chopsticks, picked up her plate, and stood up. "Mrs. Zhu, I'm finished. I'm going back first. Enjoy the rest of your meal."

As days passed, Rachel's belly would grow bigger and bigger. She couldn't hide it from everyone anymore. However, she always avoided the topic about Jack. She didn't want to talk about him now or even in the future. Perhaps she also wouldn't tell her child about him.

Jack had been lying in bed for more than one hour now, but sleep seemed to be so elusive. He opened his eyes and stared at the dark ceiling. He couldn't remember a single night that he had gotten a good sleep since Rachel left him.

He could only sleep longer if he drowned himself in alcohol.

In the past, he was always reluctant to get up because he didn't want to leave Rachel. But now, he was all alone in the bed.

After tossing and turning in bed for a long time, he felt a little sore all over his body. He sat up, took his mobile phone, and looked through the photos in the album.

Since Mr. Chen had threatened Jack that he would take revenge by hurting Rachel, Jack arranged two men to watch over her secretly. He also instructed them to take photos of her from time to time and send them to him.

He had saved all those photos on his phone. When he couldn't sleep at night, he would look through them again and again.

There were pictures of her standing on the platform while teaching her students passionately, sitting alone in the dining room having dinner, and feeding stray dogs and cats on the street with her leftovers.

Every picture made Jack long for her more.

Michael and Marcus had actually asked him many times why he hadn't taken Rachel back yet.

He badly wanted to, but how? There were still thorns in Rachel's heart, and Jack was sure that she wouldn't come back to him willingly. He wasn't that selfish to force her to love him again.

If there was someone who had to concede in the end, it should be him.

Jonathan and Tracy were so worried upon seeing that Jack's mental state was worsening, so they asked him to move back home.

Jonathan was outside Jack's room, contemplating. As he looked at the faint yellow light coming out from the ajar door, sadness flashed through his turbid eyes.

He was full of regrets. He couldn't help thinking that he might have done something wrong from the very beginning. If he had only known that things would end up like this, he should agree with Jack marrying Celine.

Who would have thought that a great family like theirs would become like this?

When Tracy got up to go to the bathroom, she found that Jonathan was not in bed. She

ed in a hoarse voice, "No."

He turned his phone upside down and looked at Tracy. With a smile on his face, he said, "I don't have anything to do in the company today, so I want to rest at home."

"Okay." Tracy knew that Jack was only pretending to be fine in front of her. Perhaps he wouldn't want her to worry about him. But she felt more bitter and uncomfortable. She looked at him and said, "Drink this cup of tea first, then come down for breakfast."

After Tracy closed the door behind her, tears welled up in her eyes. She covered her face with her hands, trying not to let out a sob.

Jonathan had been waiting for her in the living room for a long time. Since she hadn't come down yet, he went upstairs to look for her. When he saw her crying outside Jack's door, he held her in his arms lovingly.

With eyes already swollen, Tracy grabbed his shirt and pressed her face on his chest hard. She then said, "I feel so sorry for our son. He is still upset until now,"

The most painful thing for them was that they were the reason for Jack's misery, but they couldn't do anything to help him.

After a moment of silence, Tracy suddenly raised her head and looked up at Jonathan. Her red eyes lit up as if she had finally come up with a solution. "How about we help our son find another woman? If he falls in love with someone else, he will not be like this anymore."

"It's not that simple." Jonathan sounded unconvinced.

"But this is the only way I can think of right now. Why don't we give it a try?" Tracy had made up her mind. She couldn't just sit at home and wait for her son to totally lose himself.

Jack overheard his parents' conversation outside, but he didn't want to say anything to them at the moment, so he pretended that he didn't hear them. He continued to sit in front of the window without moving.

He only moved when his phone vibrated. He picked it up and checked his inbox. As soon as he opened it, he saw a picture of Rachel in the hospital. He was surprised that she was in the obstetrics department.

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