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   Chapter 394 Three Months Pregnant

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"My parents were forced to death... By... Your parents?" Finally, Rachel made up her mind. How she wished he would tell her that it was not, that her aunt was wrong, that there was no relationship between their parents, that he knew nothing, she might still accept him. But he froze. He dodged at this time. His eyes couldn't deceive her. He knew everything. Jack knew everything. Why didn't he tell her? That warm embrace and eyes she trusted looked so cold and disgusting.

Getting rid of him, Rachel didn't want to stay with Jack any longer, even though she knew that she still loved him and her heart ached when she heard him begging her not to leave behind. She almost softened her heart, but she could no longer face him as before.

"We can't go back anymore," which was the last sentence she left to him.

"Please..." This was the last sentence she heard from him.

He had almost put down all his self-esteem, but she had disappeared in his world in the end. She didn't even say goodbye to him.

Jack was on the verge of going crazy to look for Rachel. His friends had made a consistent comment on him these days. He had searched all the people Rachel knew, even her best friends, Lea and Celia, who didn't know her whereabouts either. It seemed that she was really determined to break up with him.

Rachel found a city where no one knew her. She knew that she needed to calm down and escape from everyone and all the memories related to him.

Jack found a noisy bar. He needed to paralyze himself with noise and alcohol, or all he could think about was the back of Rachel and his powerless begging. He almost drowned himself in alcohol. If he couldn't find Rachel, Jack's life would be in danger. Michael and Marcus were really worried about him, so they stayed with him, hoping to make him drink less, but ended in failure. Jack indulged himself in alcohol all day long.

Rachel lived badly. In a strange city, there was only loneliness surrounding her in the empty room. She would never be held by Jack, and there would never be such a beautiful and warm place again.

Rachel had cried many times at night and woke up. When she opened her eyes, there were only cold walls, not his strong chest.

Every night, she almost opened her eyes until dawn.

Gradually, Rachel became a little weak. She cheered herself up, walked downstairs and went to the breakfast shop across the street.

Since she had decided to leave, she couldn't be so depressed all day long.

She raised the corners of her mouth and pointed at the steaming steamed buns on the tray. "Five steamed buns please."

"Okay." The owner's bright voice passed through the noisy crowd. She was wearing an apron that had been washed so old that no color could be seen. With a clip in her hand, she put it directly on the plate and handed it to her. By the way, she asked, "Do you want something else?"

There were a lot of guests in the shop, almost each of whom ordered a sm

epression in his words.

Jack was carried into the room by the maid. He vomited two times along the way, but he kept calling Rachel's name, completely losing his usual image.

Tracy choked with sobs, and Jonathan left her alone there.

Two days later, Rachel slowly accepted the fact that the baby was in her belly.

It's so ironic. When he whispered to her again and again that they were going to have a baby, she didn't get pregnant."

But now, they were over, but the baby came. When she finally knew why her parents died, she was pregnant with the child of the Fu family.

But after all, it was her own child

She couldn't make up her mind to take his life.

Rachel wasn't a sullen woman, but it was a big blow to her.

But after so many days, she gradually regained her spirit.

Once she came to a strange city, it meant that everything had to be started.

It was not difficult for Rachel to find a job. After all, her ability was obvious to all, but being a doctor was not suitable for her at the moment. She needed a relatively leisurely job, so that she could take good care of herself and her baby.

Therefore, she found a position as a substitute teacher of a medical school. There were four classes per week arranged to her and there was nothing else to do.

On this day, when she arrived at the hospital on time, Rachel didn't expect to see a familiar figure at the school gate.

She thought she had seen it wrong, until he called her clearly, "Rachel!"

She saw Bill running towards her in a pure white suit. His face turned ruddy and his body looked much stronger than before.

Rachel was a little surprised. "Didn't you take Uncle Xu back to France?"

"Yes, I did. I heard that there is a doctor in our country who is an expert on Alzheimer's disease. It is said that he is very professional and experienced. So I want to take Uncle Xu to see him." With a bright smile on his face, Bill said, "I didn't expect to meet you here."

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