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   Chapter 391 Met Such A Group Of Psycho

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Rachel and Linda were taken to Chief Ren's own office and well served air conditioner and coffee. Then he said that he was going to see Eric and went out.

Linda stood up and walked around with the coffee cup in her hand. She raised her eyebrows and said to Rachel, "Your boyfriend is very good. He can even frighten them."

Rachel smiled and said nothing.

She sat back on the sofa and continued, "I heard from Eric last time that you two are going to get married again, right? I think you'd better hurry up and get married as soon as possible."

"Why?" Rachel frowned and didn't understand.

Linda choked with anger and looked at her with resentment, "How couldn't you understand? As for Jack's status, there must be a lot of girls who wanted to seduce him! Why don't you do it earlier?"

She rolled her eyes and rubbed her chin with her fingers. "It seems that as your aunt, I should visit Jack's parents as soon as possible."

Seeing that she began to think about what she should say and what requests she should make when they met, Rachel quickly interrupted, "Aunt Linda, we don't need to consider about it until Eric's problem is solved, okay?"

Linda's hand on her shoulder slowly slid down, and her bright black eyes suddenly became dim. She pursed her lips and asked, "Why hasn't Eric come out yet? Is it really not that easy to solve this matter?"

As soon as she finished, a sound of footsteps approached. Eric walked in and sat down on the sofa. He stretched his legs and sneered, "Today is really a bad day for me. I met such a group of psycho."

Rachel handed her cup of coffee to him and asked, "What happened at that time?"

After checking the room, she rushed back and saw the man just fainted, and she couldn't hear it clearly from others.

Eric leaned back, gnashed his teeth in anger and said fiercely, "I couldn't have fought with them, but someone kicked me in the belly directly. I couldn't stand it anymore. Who would have thought that the man couldn't help fighting? I haven't used my full strength yet, but he fainted directly. What a bastard!"

He opened his mouth, and it was not so easy to close it. He continued to talk about the unreasonable mess caused by those people at that time. Rachel listened him quietly. If she did not see them with her own eyes, she would never believe that someone could do such a shameless thing.

The three of them sat in silence for a while. Then they said goodbye to Chief Ren and left the police station.

After contacting Jack, Rachel knew that he had just come out of the hospital, so they made an appointment to go home directly.

When Jack returned home and poured himself a cup of tea, his phone rang. At the other end of the phone, Austin said in a dispirited voice, "Boss, the negotiation failed."

"It's okay." He rubbed between his eyebrows. He had been in charge of this matter all the time, and Austin only knew the rough idea. It's difficult for him to handle the

voice of the Director showed an unnatural expression, but it was clear that he said, "Dr. Rachel, thank you for what happened yesterday. Now the patient's family members are still obedient to the hospital's arrangement, and it's much easier to deal with them."

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Rachel said in a low voice, "Director, I'm just doing my own business. You don't have to be so polite that specially asked me to come here."

"I have to say what I should say. I can't save it."

The Director said while looking through the pile of documents on his right hand. Rachel thought he had nothing else to do with her and was about to leave. But he took out a document from it and said with a smile, "There will be a further study next month. Do you want to think about it? I heard that the hospital is going to select several vice directors from the list of further education. Dr. Rachel, I think you are the most capable and dedicated person in our department."

"Director, thanks for your appreciation."

Rachel smiled and continued, "Dr. Zhang and Dr. Chen are both young and promising. I think the two of them are more suitable than me."

The implication was that she directly refused this opportunity to further study.

The Director opened his mouth and seemed to want to say something more, but Rachel smiled and nodded slightly. "Director, I have something to do outside. I'm going out to work."

This kind of further study just gave them a lesson how to solve the problems that might be encountered in that position, and they had no chance to receive any special training on their profession.

Rachel was not interested in it.

As soon as she returned to her office, she picked up her phone on the table and glanced at it. She found that there were three missed calls from Eric, so she quickly replied, "I was busy just now. What's up?"

Eric chuckled. Every time he laughed like this, Rachel knew that nothing good would be from him.

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