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   Chapter 390 Eric Was Taken Away By The Police

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Normally, the patients in Rachel's department was divided into two parts. One was in charge by the Director, and the other part was in charge by Rachel.

But today's situation was special. After checking her patients, Rachel walked to the other side. She smiled faintly and said to the interns behind her, "You can learn more today."

At the same time, Eric and Linda stayed in Rachel's office, playing with their phones respectively.

At this time, the door of the office was gently pushed open from the outside. Just now, the man appeared at the door, and his voice was a little trembling. "Linda, do you have time to talk with me?"

Linda didn't even raise her head.

Eric didn't want to talk to him, but the man stood at the door and refused to leave. The atmosphere was so embarrassing that he had to ask, "Who are you?"

The man didn't answer directly, but asked, "Then you are..."

Eric raised his chin, "I'm her son."

"Oh, I'm her old friend. I have something to talk with her."

Before the man could finish his words, Eric waved his hand and interrupted, "I'm asking your name. Something happened to my mother before, so she lost her memory temporarily. Tell me your name. I don't know if she can remember you."

"Oh, my name is Kale Ma."

As soon as he finished speaking, Linda suddenly raised her head, frowned and shook her head, staring at Kale Ma for several times.

Eric was a little surprised and asked, "Mom, do you remember him?"

"No." All of a sudden, all the expressions on her face disappeared. She replied indifferently, and then lowered her head to play with herself. Eric felt a little disappointed, but he still forced himself to cheer up and said, "Have a seat please. Now my mother is in such a situation. If you want to say something, just tell me directly."

"I..." Kale opened his mouth but didn't say it immediately. He looked a little embarrassed.

He rubbed his legs with his hands and looked up, as if he had made up his mind to say it. Suddenly, the door of the office was kicked open from the outside, and Kale's wife stood at the door with a fierce look.

With one hand on her waist and the other pointing at Kale's nose, she scolded, "Haven't you forgotten her for so many years? Now you come to see her as soon as you meet her again?"

Putting the medical record back to the end of the bed, Rachel looked at the bed by the window and breathed a sigh of relief. "Is this the last patient?"

"Yes." One of the interns behind her said excitedly, raising his eyebrows. "It's finally over."

"Thank you all for your hard work today." With a faint smile on her face, Rachel thought, 'I feel a little dizzy and my shoulders are heavy after checking around all of these patients, let alone these interns who haven't started their career.

She rubbed between her eyebrows, pulled herself together and walked towards the bed.

At this time, Celia suddenly ran over and gasped, "Rachel, there is a mess in your of

with you; when you behave like a rascal with him, he will reason with you.

Eric was a good example.

They started the fight first, but in the end, they set Eric up.

As soon as Jack arrived at the hospital, he was taken to a single ward by Celia. He saw a group of people standing beside the bed.

Celia had already stepped into the ward, but when she saw this situation, she couldn't help but take one or two steps back. She looked up at Jack, indicating that this group of people were not easy to deal with.

Jack frowned and coughed. The group of people around the bed heard the sound and turned around. One of the men in Black said impolitely, "This is an individual ward. You found a wrong place."

"I'm the brother-in-law of the gentleman sent to the police station just now." He expressed his identity.

Immediately, there was a sneer in the crowd, and a woman's voice, which was not too heavy, came from the corner, "Oh, it turns out that he has found a helper, but it doesn't work. He just knocked my brother out, and he should take the responsibility!"

A hypocritical smile appeared on Jack's lips. His sharp eyes passed through the crowd and looked straight at the person who had just spoken, without saying anything.

The woman was a little guilty, but she still held her neck and continued, "Don't expect us to forgive you now. It's impossible."

After saying that, she raised her hand and patted the man on the shoulder beside her, seeking agreement.

The man then said, "If you want him to be safe, you have to ask him to accept out punch."

Jack still didn't say anything. He just glanced at them coldly with a faint smile on his lips.

For a moment, everyone was confused. Shouldn't Jack come at this time to beg them? Why was the situation completely different now?

At first, Celia was a little confused, but on second thought, she realized to herself. 'This is Jack Fu!' Then she straightened her back and withdrew her timid expression.

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