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   Chapter 389 Met An Old Friend

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At the mention of Lucas, Rachel realized what had happened. She covered her lips and asked seriously, "What happened to you last night? You look like a three-year-old child. You won't act like this as usual."

"Nothing." Jack grabbed her hand and wanted to continue.

Rachel moved aside. "Let's make it clear first."

Seeing that she insisted, Jack turned over and lay back on the side, with one hand resting on the back of his head. He looked straight at the ceiling and snorted, "Can't you be jealous?"

Hearing Rachel's laughing, he smiled and continued, "But I'm relieved to see that he's going to be a father."

No wonder his mood changed so fast at that time.

Rachel was a little speechless, but there was a surge of honey in her heart, bringing a trace of sweetness.

At this time, Jack suddenly turned over and pressed on her again, with a snicker on his face. "But, only when you also become a mother can I completely rest assured."

For a moment, the bedroom was full of love, and even the sunshine outside the window quietly changed a direction.

Rachel was late for work, she saw several people surrounding her office door and several nurses standing anxiously at the side, at a loss.

One of the nurses trotted over, took her hand and walked towards the exit passageway. She whispered, "Dr. Rachel, you'd better go somewhere else and stay for a while?"

"What's wrong?" She was confused.

The nurse sighed slightly and said, "Last week, the Director had an operation. Before the operation, he had received a cigarette from the patient's family. Now that the patient's recovery after the operation was not very good, so they came to make troubles."

Rachel frowned. This kind of thing was common in the hospital. A nurse had eaten an apple from the patient's family before, and then she was reported.

But now, the Director must not be in the hospital, so the families of the patient could only find themselves in the same department.

She thought for a while and asked, "Where is that patient now?"

"He's in ICU and his temperature was a little high yesterday." The nurse pouted.

"Let me have a look." Rachel handed her bag to the nurse and asked her to put it down first.

When she turned around, her arm was grabbed by a nurse. She shook her head slightly and said, "Dr. Rachel, forget it. Even the Director has avoided this kind of thing. You'd better not get involved in it. These family members are unreasonable. If something happens, I'm afraid they will blame you for something."

Shaking her head, Rachel smiled and said, "They don't know the level of the Director. How can't we know? Besides, I just inspect him."

This kind of complication was not only related to the operation, but also to the patients' living habits after the operation.

She walked slowly to the five floor, changed into sterile clothes a

n't be opened." Eric shrugged his shoulders, his face still frivolous, but since his mother came back, he had become much calmer.

Aunt Linda pushed him on the shoulder and said, "This boy is not reliable at all."

There was a slight smile between her eyebrows. It could be seen that the relationship between the two was much better.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Rachel held her arm and smiled, "Then go to my office and have a rest. The mall will open at ten o'clock. It's almost the time."

At this time, a voice with a trace of suspicion and uncertainty came from behind, clearly reaching everyone's ears. "Linda?"

The three of them almost turned their heads at the same time and recognized that the voice was from the patient's family who had talked to Rachel before.

He took two steps forward and looked a little excited. His black and white eyes seemed to be a little moist. His hands drooping on both sides kept repeating the movements of clenching and releasing.

Eric frowned and asked, "Do you know my mother?"

"Yes, we are old friends who haven't seen each other for many years." The man choked with sobs.

As soon as he finished speaking, the man's wife suddenly pushed away the crowd and rushed out. She grabbed the man's arm and pulled him behind her. She said fiercely, "What old friend? We don't know her."

But he did call her name just now.

Hearing that, both of Rachel and Eric looked at each other. They didn't believe what the woman said, but they didn't ask more. What's more, Linda stood aside and looked at her phone, as if it was none of her business.

She had already forgotten the past. Even if she was really an old friend, she could not remember him.

When they returned to her office, Rachel made two cups of tea for them. Besides, it was time to make the rounds of the wards, so she forgot what had happened just now and went back to her work.

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