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   Chapter 385 Memory Loss

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The reason why Linda decided to go back to Ninwell City was that she wanted to see the place where she had lived for a long time. She was hoping that it could help her regained her memories of the past.

No one would ever want to live, unable to remember the past.

After hearing Eric's story, Rachel couldn't help heaving a sigh. At first, she thought that her aunt would be able to help her remember her childhood memories. She planned to ask her about her complex thoughts and vague dreams about her childhood. But now, it seemed impossible anymore.

Austin was holding an iPad in his hand when he gently pushed the door to Jack's office open. Seeing him standing in front of the window, he called in a low voice, "Mr. Fu?"

There was no response.

He raised his voice and called again. After a long time, Jack finally turned around and glanced at him indifferently. "What's the matter?"

Austin noticed the trace of worry in his boss's deep-set eyes as his brows furrowed. Before he could answer, Jack asked again, "Has Eric gone out?"

He opened his mouth and was about to reply, but Jack pinched between his eyebrows and said, "Forget it. Why are you here, by the way?"

Looking down at the iPad, Austin said slowly, "The Chamber of Commerce of Ninwell City is holding a charity dinner tonight. Mr. Fu, you promised to attend this event a month ago. Are you still going?"

Jack was silent for a few seconds before he turned around and stared outside the window again. Austin could see the serious expression on his face from his reflection on the glass window when he said, "I have something to do tonight, so I can't go. You go on my behalf. It's up to you how much I should donate."

He was not in the mood today because he received the news that Linda Shen had come back to Ninwell City. Did this mean that some secrets in the past were about to be exposed? He couldn't help taking a deep breath.

"Mom, what do you want to eat for dinner?" Eric asked while hanging the clothes that Linda brought with her in the wardrobe.

Linda was already lying in bed. "Forget it. I've had a bowl of noodles at the airport, so I'm still full. You can go home now. I want to recover from jet lag first."

"But..." Eric took a step forward and was about to say something, but Rachel pulled him and shook her head.

One of the changes in Linda was that she became more self-centered now.

Looking at Eric's unshaven face and the dark circles around his eyes, Rachel felt sorry for him. She patted him on the arm and said, "You'd better have a good rest first. If anything happens, she will surely give you a call."

When Rachel returned home, Jack was already there too. He was sitting on the sofa and kept on pressing the TV remote control. His tightly drawn eyebrows showed that he was irritated.

She sat on the sofa and rested her head on his lap. She held a deep breath and said lightly, "Aunt Linda is back today."

"I heard."

His hand that was stroking her messy hair froze suddenly for no reason. He looked

el back, she pouted and said pitifully, "Rachel, give me some time to organize my thoughts first."

After being silent for a while, she then said hesitantly, "I met Marcus' mother at the mall yesterday. She asked me to see her in a cafe tomorrow."

"Only the two of you?" Rachel asked.

"Yes." She nodded and propped her chin in the palms of her hands. "I went to the mall yesterday to buy a gift for Marcus. I didn't expect that we were in the same shop, and I would bump into her."

At that time, she was a little nervous since it was her first time to see Marcus' mother in person. She had only seen her on TV and in newspapers before. She even rattled and didn't know what to do.

A shop assistant came to her and asked with a smile, "Miss, do you need anything?"

"I... I'm just taking a look," she stammered in a trembling voice.

As soon as she finished her words, she saw Marcus' mother turn her head and glance at her indifferently. The contempt on her face was too obvious.

Celia pursed her lips and hesitated whether she should greet her or not. Suddenly, she heard the other shop assistant said, "Mrs. Ji, do you know that lady? She is looking at you."

Marcus' mother sneered, "Do you think I know her?"

The shop assistant realized that she seemed to have said something wrong, so she quickly smiled apologetically. "Of course, it's impossible. Come and take a look at these dresses. Do you like them?"

At that moment, Celia, who was about to step forward, froze. She felt angry and embarrassed at the same time. In an instant, mixed emotions surged in her heart. As she recalled the expression she saw in Marcus' mother's eyes just now, it was apparent that she detested her. She lowered her head, turned around, and left silently.

Even if she wanted to fight back, what would she say?

Rachel felt a little distressed after hearing Celia's story.

She thought that if she was in Celia's place, she would never allow anyone to humiliate her just because of her relationship with a man.

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