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   Chapter 383 Rachel's Drowned

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During the swimming competition, when Jack tried his best to swim to the other side, he heard chaos from behind him. After straining his ear, he heard they shout, "Someone is drowning!"

He immediately came to a halt and turned around. He turned to look where people were looking and caught sight of a struggling figure. He realized it was none other than Rachel. His expression froze. Then he swam towards her using all his might.

Slowly, she was beginning to stop struggling. This scared him even more. "Rachel, hold on! I am coming for you!" he screamed. He was so fast that he ended up reaching there before the lifeguard. However, she had already lost her consciousness.

Her smiling face turned pale and her lips were bloodless. Soaked in ice-water, her body lacked warmth.

It was like she was dead.

Jack didn't dare to think further. He kept pressing her chest with his hands and growled, "Rachel, wake up!" Even after she was okay, he thought about this dreadful scene. It was a nightmare from which he would never get over.

Now at the hospital, looking at his tight muscles and trembling hands, Rachel couldn't help chuckling. In a relaxed tone, she said, "Jack, why does it look like you are the one who almost drowned?"

"I wish I was the one who drowned. It wouldn't have hurt this much," said Jack through gritted teeth.

Rachel was quite touched by his words. "I'm fine, don't worry."

While they were chatting, the doctor entered the ward and began to examine her carefully. "Rachel, you are all right. In fact, your fever has subdued and I can detect no lung infection. You can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow," he informed with a smile.

Hearing this, Jack frowned. "Are you sure? Didn't she need to take an ECG or a brain CT? We are in no hurry. You can look after her properly," he said, not letting Rachel to speak.

Seeing how anxious Jack was, the doctor and the nurse had a hard time holding back their laughter. Even though they had seen several loving husbands, none were as concerned as Jack. Rachel quickly shook her head and said, "Dr. Chen is quite a professional doctor. He makes no mistake."

Dr. Chen laughed, not a least bit offended. He shifted his gaze to Jack and promised, "She is doing fine. I know you are concerned about Rachel, but rest assured, there is no need for these inspections."

After saying that, he couldn't help laughing. When he realized what had happened, he quickly took the medical record to cover his face and hurried away.

Few minutes passed but Jack stood stock-still. Rachel couldn't get any reaction out of him. 'Perhaps he is angry,' she thought and got ready to explain. But before she could do that, he looked at her in a daze. "Is what Dr. Chen said true? Are those scans unnecessary?"

It turned out he was still fixated on that.

To be honest, this shocked Rachel.

She nodded her head and said, "Yes, Jack. It's true. It makes me anxious to see you look so nervous. Cheer up, I'm fine."

"Okay, I see." But deep down, he was still worried.

Rachel came to realize how deeply he loved her.


'What has happened? Why does she look like a deer caught in the headlights?' Lifting the quilt, Rachel was about to get out of the bed. Just then, Marcus and Celia entered the ward with their fingers interlocked. Even from the distance, she vaguely spot the blush on Celia's face.

When Lea had regained her composure, she asked, "What's going on? When did you two get back together?"

"Rachel, are you okay? I just heard that you were drowned and hospitalized this morning." Celia deliberately ignored Lea's question.

However, Rachel was as curious as Lea.

She waved her hand and said, "I'm fine, forget about me. Tell me what happened between you and Marcus? Didn't you hand in your resignation and decide to leave Ninwell City?"

Lea joined in. "Exactly! What happened after that?"

With her crimson-red cheeks, Celia looked down at her toes.

"Okay, I will tell you," Marcus said. "I need to thank you for the prank."

"What prank?" Jack's voice came from the door. Next to him, Henry stood dumbfounded. "Yes, what prank?" he asked.

Raising his eyebrows, Marcus asked, "Didn't they tell you?"

The two of them shook their heads in unison.

Seeing how curious they were, Rachel filled them in, explaining the encounter that happened between Eric and Eden. Henry and Jack were speechless.

Marcus smiled and said, "Eden believed the prank to be truth. As soon as she went home, she asked her parents to break the engagement. But the Chen family didn't want others to know they almost got their daughter to marry to a gay. They knew it wouldn't be good for their reputation. Hence they called off things but remained silent. My father was confused, but there was nothing he could do. Before he finds another fiancee for me, I'm safe."

Jack handed a cup of water to Rachel and said, "What if he finds you a new fiancee soon?"

"Even though they haven't told anyone yet, I am sure this gay rumor might reach a few people. As long as this rumor remains, I am pretty sure no girl will want to marry me," Marcus said confidently.

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