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   Chapter 382 Winter Swimming

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"Okay, thank you."

After putting the business card and taking the car key, Rachel was about to walk to the parking lot when she saw a red sports car coming in from the outside without slowing down. Suddenly, a sudden brake just stopped at a place about ten centimeters away from her.

The shop assistant was startled and hurried over. "Miss, are you okay?"

Rachel shook her head. She looked calm, but her heart beat faster. She took a glance at the driver's seat and found it was Eden, Marcus's nominal fiancée, who got out of the car.

At this time, the shop assistant suddenly came over and whispered, "Miss, I'm sorry. Miss Eden is usually kind. I don't know what's wrong with her today. She seems to be in a bad mood."

"I'm okay."

Rachel responded faintly and walked towards the parking lot, but she walked slowly and heard the shop assistant behind her asked with a flattering smile, "Miss Eden, can you help you?"

"Check the car for me. The engine was a little noisy when it's started."

"The staff is off duty. They may have to wait until tomorrow."

"Call them back immediately!"

Her voice was unusually sharp. Although Rachel hadn't contacted with her before, she could clearly feel that her mood was probably at the bottom of the valley.

And for a woman like her who had just announced her marriage but now she was so irritable. There was only one reason that Rachel could think of.

As soon as Rachel parked the car in her garage, Jack drove in. Before she could say "what a coincidence", he touched his forehead with his finger and smiled. "Tell me the truth, what did you and Lea do secretly?"


With her eyes wide open, Rachel didn't react.

Jack put his hand on her shoulder and walked towards the elevator. "In the afternoon, Marcus called me and said that the Chen family had cancelled the wedding and Larry had no choice but agree. It seemed that this matter has been solved temporarily."

"Really?" She murmured, "No wonder I just met her and she was so bad tempered."

Jack lowered his head and asked, "Who has a bad temper?"

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Rachel didn't answer.

On the second day, it happened to be weekend. When Jack and Rachel were still sleeping on the bed, the phone at the head of the bed rang.

She reached out her hand and touched the head of the bed, asking vaguely, "Hello?"

Lea said in an excited tone, "Rachel, get up quickly. Henry and I are driving to your house."

"Do you have any activities today?" She turned over with her eyes still closed.

"Henry's company is going to hold a winter swimming competition today. You can go with Jack. At that time, let Jack and Henry join the competition. Henry's belly is getting bigger and bigger." As Lea spoke, she reached out and pinched the flesh on Henry's belly. It was inevitably patted.

Rachel patted Jack behind her. "Wake up. They're asking you to join the winter swimming."

"I don't w

" Her father's voice sounded a little heavy.

Her mother's smile suddenly froze on her face. She patted on little Rachel's head and said, "baby, good girl. I have something to deal with outside. Can you lie down a little longer?"

Rachel couldn't help frowning.

'Pay back the money?

Was there something wrong with the Shen family's economy at that time?'

But even when she grew up, she didn't know about it at all.

When she was about to follow her mother to the living room again and see who the familiar voice was, her body suddenly twitched for several times. Jack's worried voice kept ringing in her ears, "Rachel, wake up, okay? Stop sleeping."

Rachel kept telling him that she was awake, but Jack didn't seem to hear her. He kept asking.

Gradually, Rachel felt a surge of tiredness and gradually lost her consciousness.

After a long time, Rachel finally woke up. She opened her heavy eyes and saw the familiar environment. She knew that she must be in the hospital now.

Jack had been sitting beside her. When he saw her open her eyes, his eyes suddenly lit up. He grabbed her hand and kissed it again and again. "Rachel, you finally wake up."

"I'm fine." Rachel wanted to touch him with the other hand, but she felt weak all over.

She was a little powerless and asked, "Jack, how long have I slept?"

"One day and one night." His voice was hoarse, and there was a trace of starlight in his dark eyes. He touched the messy hair near her ear and asked, "Are you uncomfortable?"

Rachel shook her head. Although she felt sore all over her body now, she knew that these should be the symptoms of drowning. In addition, she didn't want Jack to worry about her any more. She tried to raise the corners of her mouth and answered softly, "I'm fine."

Jack held her hand tightly and trembled slightly. "I'm sorry, Rachel. I shouldn't have gone to the winter swimming. Otherwise, you wouldn't have met such an accident. It's all my fault."

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