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   Chapter 379 Fell Down The Stairs

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The woman's smile immediately disappeared. She kicked hard at the high stool he was sitting on. "Humph, you bastard!"

He didn't have any reaction. He just lowered his head and stared at the glass of wine in front of him, as if there was some magic in it that tightly attracted his eyes.

In the dim light, no one noticed that a drop of crystal liquid fell into the wine and disappeared.

At the same time, in another bar, Rachel and Lea anxiously watched Celia pouring the wine directly like water. They couldn't stop her.

She lay prone on the table, her eyes blurred, and she muttered something about her relationship with Marcus.

Lea signed and said, "I didn't expect her to be crazier than I am. By the way, what's wrong with Marcus? Didn't they say that they want to elope before? Why does he hook up with that woman in a flash? Do you know who that woman is?"

Shaking her head, Rachel said, "That woman must be related to his blind date. Celia mentioned that the Ji family arranged a blind date to introduce a girl from a family of equal social rank for Marcus."

Lea frowned and sneered. She took a look at Celia, who had fallen asleep on the table, and directly took her glass of wine that she hadn't finished yet, and put it into her mouth. "If Marcus was forced to do that for some reason, there is still room for maneuver. However, I don't think he was unwilling to do that before. He enjoyed it very much!"

As soon as she sobered up, she couldn't help drinking more.

Seeing that she was about to pour another glass of wine, Rachel stopped her and said. "I can't send two drunk women back home later."

"Don't worry. I'm much better at drinking than her."

Lea patted Rachel on her shoulder. "I have an idea. Do you want to hear it?"

Although she was asking, before Rachel could respond, she had already whispered to her ears and slowly came up with the idea she had just thought of.

Hearing this, Rachel's eyebrows twitched. Lea was so capable that she could come up with some ideas that ordinary people couldn't imagine, but it's worthy to have a try.

Seeing that she seemed to agree with her, Lea smiled happily and drank more happily. Finally, Henry came to take her back and looked at her with helplessness and love.

While she and Jack sent Celia back first, settled her down, and then went back to their residence.

The second day, when Rachel arrived at the hospital with dark circles under her eyes, she was inevitably surrounded by several nurses and asked, "Dr. Rachel, what's wrong with you these two days? Why do you look so haggard all of a sudden?"

She smiled awkwardly and went straight to the point. When she was asked about Celia's whereabouts, she was stunned for a few seconds before she came up with an excuse.

She almost forgot about it.

After lunch, Rachel went to her office from the canteen. As soon as she approached the emergency building, she saw a group of nurses surrounding her, seeming to be looking at something.

Normally, there were more than ten emergent rescues every day. At fi

ut it. He asked Rex to prepare the tea.

The topic that Larry and Marcus was the marriage with the Chen family.

Lowering his head, Marcus listened to him silently. It was not a discussion, but an order from Larry. He sneered, "Okay, you have made a plan anyway."

"Pay attention your attitude!"

Larry punched at the arm of the sofa. "Even if you lose your temper, there should be a time limit!"

Marcus sneered, "There is no limit. You just need to remember that after the news is released, give me that document!"

After saying that, he pressed the phone on the table and called Rex in again, throwing him a draft. "Find some news media to release it."

It was late at night and the lights were dim.

Rachel sent her car to the 4S shop for maintenance. Normally, it was sent by a group of people sent by Jack. The receptionist had already known this car. "Miss, why did you bring it here in person today? But we are going to get off work. How about you drive here tomorrow if it's convenient for you?"

Once in a while...

Rachel frowned slightly. "In that case, how about I throw my car here? Call me when you get it ready and I'll come back to pick it up."

"No problem." The receptionist smiled apologetically, "Miss, take care. Be careful on the way."

Rachel turned around and walked out of the door. It was rush hour now, so it was difficult to call a taxi. She had planned to call Jack to pick her up, but from his company to here, there was no doubt that he had to take a big round.

She put her hands in the pockets of her coat, stamped her feet and walked towards the intersection. There was a bookshelf over there, where waiting for the car could be less cold wind.

There were quite a few people waiting for the taxi. When Rachel looked at the colorful magazines and newspapers on the board, her eyes fell on the road again. She prayed in her heart that she could get the car as soon as possible, but she suddenly heard a little surprised voice, "Hey, look, the son of the mayor is going to get married."

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