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   Chapter 369 Celia's Tangle

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Rachel was on the alert and didn't answer. She opened the envelope in her hand and read it word by word, even without missing the dots.

Finally, she couldn't help swearing.

Although Marcus ran a small foreign trade company, the strength of his family could not be underestimated.

His father, Larry Ji was the current mayor of Ning City, and his mother, Connie Chen, was the chairman of the association of Ning City. The original plan of his family for Marcus was to let him take over the mantle of his parents and enter the political field in the future. But since he entered the University, he had established the current company.Charlie

In the past few years, he had also made some achievements.

Although Larry Ji had no choice at the moment, they still had hope, so they directly helped Marcus choose a wife whose parents were also in political field, and could be said to be a match for their Ji family!

But now, Celia suddenly appeared. It could be said that she destroyed the plan set by the two families.

Marriage connection was not only popular in business circle, but also be welcomed for political families like theirs.

This letter was written by Larry Ji that he wanted the Fu family to stay out of the affair between Marcus and Celia, and not to do anything for Xu family.

After reading the letter, Rachel had a general idea. She folded the letter and put it back into the envelope, waiting for Jonathan to speak.

After a moment of silence, Jonathan coughed and cleared his throat. "Rachel, Celia is your friend. I know it's a little heartless to let you stay away from her now. But at this moment, our Fu family have to bow down."

From ancient times till now, the business family was always lower position than that of the political family.

Rachel pursed her lips and said, "Jonathan, I know. I'll keep a distance from her."

Jonathan certainly knew that she was just perfunctory, but since she had said so, he could not continue. He rolled his eyes and changed the topic. "I heard that Jack recruited her father, right?"

Although he was asking Rachel, she knew that Jonathan must have investigated everything before that.

So she didn't hide anything and said, "Yes, I heard it from him two days ago."

Jonathan signed. "Jack has always been on good terms with the boy from the Ji family. I'm afraid it was him who asked Jack to do this."

Rachel looked at him and didn't say anything.

Jonathan continued, "If I tell him to fire Dylan, he won't agree. But what you said is different. He will listen to you now. We Fu family can't afford to offend the Ji family."

He looked straight at Rachel, who couldn't pretend to be silent anymore. She pursed her lips and said lightly, "Jonathan, Jack has always been a man of his own ideas. How could he listen to me? But I will tell him anyway."

Jonathan didn't say anything more.

It never occurred to Rachel that this matter was much more complicated than she had imagined!

As the night fell, the sky

l lowered her head to hide her disappointment. When she raised her head again, she looked as usual. She picked up her bag and smiled faintly. "I'm not feeling well. Celia, you can accompany Lea to see the dress. You can pay for it first and I can transfer the money to you later."

The last part of the sentence was for Lea.

She frowned slightly, stood up and asked, "What's wrong with you?"

Rachel waved her hand and said, "Nothing. I just feel a little uncomfortable in my stomach. I'm leaving now." Then she walked out of the shop slowly.

Seeing this, Celia didn't intend to stay. When she was about to leave, her arm was grabbed by Lea. "Hey, what's wrong with you two? You just came here and said you wanted to leave soon?"

"I really have something to do later." Said Celia slowly, lowering her head.

Lea rolled up her eyes and said, "Do you think I'm stupid? Don't try to hide it from me. To be honest, what happened between you and Rachel?"

At this time, the waitress just took a book from another counter and said excitedly, "Miss, look at this magazine. It's the latest style of our shop."

The corners of Lea's mouth twitched. "I'm sorry. We have something urgent to deal with and have to go back now. We'll see it next time."

After saying that, she pulled Celia out of the wedding dress shop. She looked around and pointed at a relatively quiet coffee shop across the road. "It's not appropriate to talk here. Let's go to that shop and sit down. You can tell me what happened!"

A clear female voice came out of the horn. Looking at the traffic jam in front of her, Rachel heavily hammered the horn, feeling very annoyed.

She knew it was not because of the traffic jam, but because of Celia.

Although Jonathan had told her not to get in touch with Celia and tried to get rid of her completely, Rachel's promise was just perfunctory. There was no such idea in her heart.

Love is like a rebellious teenager. The more you deny it, the more he will go against you.

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