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   Chapter 367 About Work

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She was stunned for a few seconds, and then continued, "It's okay to wait for one or two years, but what if you let me wait indefinitely? What if he failed? Then I'll wait for nothing in the end, right?"

As soon as Celia finished her words, Rachel heard her stomach growl, so she gave her another piece of bread. "Don't you already know the answer in your heart? Since you think you can wait for one or two years, just wait. As for the rest, we'll talk about it one or two years later."

But Celia continued to groan, "But what if he doesn't want me after I've been waiting for him? Rachel, I've been cheated once. I'm really scared."

Rachel bent over and turned on the computer. Hearing this, she paused for a while, recalling what happened to Celia when she came to the hospital for registration. Rachel couldn't help shrinking her heart. She looked up at Celia and said, "Then you can make yourself stronger and better while waiting for him. As women, we have to rely on ourselves, don't we? When you are good enough, they will come close to you automatically."

Celia reacted for a few seconds, clenched her fists and raised her hands, shouting vigorously, "Okay, Rachel, I will try my best!" After saying that, she immediately yawned and instantly lowered her shoulders. She waved her hand and said, "I'm too sleepy. I have to go home to have a sleep right away."

There were always a lot of guests in the MK Group. Some came to discuss business, and some came to visit Jack, but most of them were directly refused by him.

When it was time to get off work, everyone became anxious, including Jack who was like a young boy and was packing up and ready to leave. When the door was pushed open, Marcus walked in with half in his pocket.

He walked slowly to the sofa and sat down with his legs crossed. "It seems that it's really not a coincidence. I thought you would be very busy at night in the company, so I specially chose this time to look for you. I didn't expect that I made a mistake."

"Come to me early next time."

Although he said so, Jack walked aside, made a cup of white tea and put it in front of him.

The air was filled with the unique fragrance of white tea. Marcus took a sip and said in a joking voice, "In the past, there was only coffee in your office."

Jack smiled, "It was bought by Rachel. She said I had a stomachache and can't drink much coffee."

Marcus replied with a bitter smile.

A touch of disappointment flashed through his eyes, but was seen right in front of Jack. He leaned back slightly and asked in a deep voice, "You haven't shown up for a period of time. What's wrong?"

"Something happened." He stared at somewhere expressionlessly, turned to look at Jack and asked, "I come here today to ask you for help."

Jack frowned, "What's the matter?"

They had never been so polite to each other before. Most of the time, they would tell each other everything frankly. However, it had never happened before that Marcus asked his permission so politely.

Marcus said, "C

tter who it is now. As long as I get the work."

Bertha Zheng didn't answer, but she had her own idea.

The next day, when the sky just broke, the light uncovered the curtain of night. The two people on the bed were hugging and sleeping. Jack rested his chin on her head and gently put his hand on her waist. The scene was beautiful, but was interrupted by a hurried bell.

Shaking her shoulders, Rachel closed her eyes and said softly, "Jack, your phone is so noisy."

He frowned and let go of her. Looking at the number, he stood up and went to the balcony.

Rachel felt that she was going to fall asleep again. She felt a warm breath coming from her ear. She frowned and mumbled, "Who called you?"

Jack said in a low voice, "Rachel, something happened to a real estate project in America. I have to go there immediately. I'm going to the airport now."

Rachel rubbed her sleepy eyes and said, "Then I'll help you pack up your luggage."

She pretended to get out of bed, but Jack pressed her shoulders and lay down again. He smiled, "Lie down. Just a few things. I'll just pack them up."

She closed her eyes and accepted the kiss on his forehead with a smile, sweet but a little sad.

She had been used to having breakfast with him. Looking at the plate of steamed buns she just bought on the table, she sighed slightly and had no appetite at all.

She simply took a food container and packed it up to the hospital.

If her memory served her right, Celia worked at the day time and could have breakfast with her.

In the nurse station, they had been busy in the early morning, splitting medicine and taking blood pressure... It was not easy for Rachel to find Celia, who was sitting quietly in the pharmacy. She patted him on the shoulder from behind and asked, "Have you had breakfast?"

Celia turned around and glanced at her. She opened his mouth, but finally lowered her head in silence and continued to do what she was doing.

Her eyes changed from indifference at first to hatred later.

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