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   Chapter 359 Attended The Engagement Ceremony

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Hearing his lesson, Rachel blushed and said, "I won't do that again. This is the last time, Director."

"Okay. Put down the note. I'll sign it later." Director raised his hand and knocked on the desk. He paused for a few seconds. When Rachel turned around and was about to leave, he suddenly pretended to think of something and said, "By the way, there is an exchange meeting in B City next week. I planned to go there myself, but now I suddenly have a schedule next week."

The meaning in his eyes was obvious.

Although she despised him in her heart, Rachel still said, "I'm free next week. Director, I can go there."

He was just an old fox. The reason why he gave her a head-on blow was that he wanted her to take the initiative to speak it out that she would go on behalf of him.

"Okay, that's good."

Back to him, Rachel rolled her eyes and went back to her office to send a message to Jack. Then she tidied up the medical records scattered on the table. When everything was done, Jack just arrived.

As soon as she got on the car, she complained in a tone of sadness, "Thanks to you, in order to ask for leave, I will help the Director to attend an exchange meeting in B City next week."

"How long?" Jack asked.

She shook her head and said, "I don't know yet. I haven't seen the meeting agenda."

Seeing the depressed look on her face, Jack raised his hand and gently rubbed her head with a smile on the corner of his mouth. "I happen to have nothing to do in the company next week. I'll go with you."

It was boring to go to such kind of communication meeting alone, but it's different if two of them go together. Hearing this, Rachel nodded with a smile.

In the past, she enjoyed the time alone, but now, when she heard that he was willing to go with her, her heart was suddenly surrounded by a trace of sweetness.

At this moment, she seemed to understand why the two people love each other deeply want to be together all the time.

After the two of them went home and got changed, they left for the entrance of the hotel. There were already all kinds of cars parked. It was not easy to find an empty seat and park the car steadily. Jack took Rachel's hand and got out of the car. He carefully deafened her hair scattered on her shoulders to the back. He smiled and said, "Let's go in."

The bride tonight was called Jenny Zhou, and her father, Edmund Zhou, was the chairman of the JC Group. In the evening, besides the new couple's friends, most of guests were his business partners. Rachel realized some familiar faces she had seen at other banquets.

The engagement ceremony was Chinese style. After entering the hall, they saw a round table, leaving a passage in the middle for people to pass through.

There was a small card in the middle of the round table, on which were the names of the guests. After searching for a while, Rachel didn't expect that they would be arranged to sit at the main table and have dinner with the new couple and their parents.

Facing people's inquisitive eyes, Rachel smiled faintly and

laugh to the crowd, but in a spoiled tone, he said, "That's how she is. She is always absent-minded."

"It doesn't matter." Edmund Zhou was a smart man. He immediately waved his hand, with a smile on his face from beginning to end, without any impatience.

Rachel cheered herself up, raised her glass, smiled and said, "I'm sorry."

After drinking a glass of wine, she felt her face burning. Without looking at herself in the mirror, she knew that her face must have been flushed.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, she raised her glass again and proposed a toast to the new couple beside her. "I'm sorry. I'm not feeling well. I'm leaving now. Congratulations on your engagement again."

After saying that, she raised her head and drank it up. Without looking at Jack's reaction, she stood up and walked out, forgetting to take her coat on the back of the chair. She stood at the door of the hotel, and a cold wind blew and made her shiver.

The hotel was located a little far away from the central of the Ning City. Most of the people who came here by driving on their own, so she didn't even see the taxi. Standing there for a while, Rachel felt a little cold. She was wondering whether she should go back to get her clothes. When she turned around, she saw Jack stepping out of the elevator with her coat in his hand.

He pursed his thin lips into a stiff line, and the displeasure spread undisguised. He walked past her without a pause and went straight to the parking lot.

The word "Jack" came to her mouth, but she didn't even have a chance to speak it out.

A trace of bitterness appeared on the corner of Rachel's mouth. She rubbed her arms which were full of goose bumps with her hands and hesitated to follow him. Suddenly, Jack slammed the brake and stopped the car in front of her. He rolled down the window and said coldly, "Get in the car!"

It was dark in the sky. There was no moonlight or starlight. The color of despair was almost the same as that of despair and fear in Rachel's heart at the moment.

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