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   Chapter 355 Going Insane

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Turning her head to look at Henry, who was shrugging helplessly to her two brothers, Lea smiled calmly. She took out a piece of paper from her pocket, which had been folded, and spread it on the table. Then she said, "Yesterday he came to coax me with his promise. So I called all of you here as witnesses."

Henry stared at her for a while and sighed helplessly, but his eyes were full of love for her. "Yes, remember it for me from now on. If I drink till two or three o'clock, I can't enter the house again."

Before she could say anything, Rachel heard Michael exaggeratedly hold his arm and said, "Ouch, you two are showing off your love in front a single man like me."

"Don't say that. When you get married in the future, you will know how it feels." Jack shook the wine in his glass and smiled faintly.

"Why do you sound so experienced?" Rachel was amused by his words. She put her left hand on his shoulder gently and said, "I don't think I have asked you to write any guarantee or do something."

"No, you haven't. You are always the best."

Rachel was used to his sweet words. She glanced at him and was about to continue eating, but she didn't expect that the other three people were staring at them in surprise.

With a click, the chopsticks in Michael's hand fell to the ground.

She was stunned for a moment. She made a mistake just now, but only a few seconds later, she calmly picked up a piece of braised pork and put it into the bowl of Lea. She said lightly, "You can continue to talk about you."

Lea trembled and shouted, "Rachel! You really impress me."

"You two are getting more and more like a couple. The tone of her voice is more and more like yours." Patting Jack's arm, Michael totted, "You really value a lover more than a friend. You have never been so kind to us"

Jack raised his eyelids, "If you were a woman, I would be gentle to you too."

After thinking for a while, Michael waved his hand in disgust and said, "Forget it."

"Well, the mastermind of this matter today is Henry and Lea." Jack easily threw the topic back to the two of them, smiled faintly, "Henry just did an oral promise to you?"

As expected, Lea immediately stopped asking Rachel. She patted her head and said, "Yes, I almost forgot."

She stood up, took three pens from the study and distributed them to the three of them. She said with a smile, "You can also write your names on this guarantee."

Lea was so funny.

Staring at the guarantee with their names on it, Lea smiled and went to the study directly, saying that she wanted to frame it.

Looking at her happy and satisfied look like a child, it seeme

to an office on the second floor by a policeman. Uncle Xu was sitting on a chair in the corner, with a cup of tea in his hands. He lowered his head, so that no one could see his expression at the moment.

The policeman looked at her and said, "Although he remembered it now, he was very disappointed and said nothing. Elder men can't accept this kind of thing at once. As a family member, you should spend more time with him and give him more advice."

"Thank you. Uncle Xu, I'm here to pick you up."

"Dr. Rachel." He raised his head slowly, opened his mouth but couldn't say a word. His eyes were like a bottomless bucket, and tears flowed out freely.

Rachel squatted down, took out a tissue and wiped her tears gently. "It's okay. The medical technology is very advanced now. Although it can't be completely cured, it's not difficult to not make it worse. Don't worry."

Uncle Xu closed his eyes and opened them again. He frowned and said worriedly, "I know I'm old. I'll be like this one day. I'm already mentally prepared. I'm just worried about Bill. Who else will take care of him in the future?"

The door of the office was pushed open a crack from the outside. Eric poked his head in and asked, "Jack?"

"What's the matter?" Jack raised his eyebrows, put down his pen and looked at Eric with a faint smile.

Since he knew about Zoe, Eric had been off for a long time and this day was the time he went back to work.

Eric grinned and came in with two bags. "Jack, I misunderstood you and said a lot of harsh words to you. Please don't blame me."

He scratched the back of his head and smiled foolishly. "I went abroad this time and meet my mother. She insisted on asking me to buy you something. You've taken care of me for so long time."

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