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Outside the car, there were people coming and going, but the atmosphere in the car became so quiet. Looking at his fiery and deep eyes staring at her without blinking, Rachel's face suddenly burned. She pushed him to the side and said, "I don't want to talk to you!"

Jack lost his balance and his head hit the window.

"Are you okay?" Although she was angry, Rachel was still a little worried when she heard the low muffled sound.

He seized the opportunity to put his arms around her waist and pressed her against his body. He was so close to her that he didn't forget to tease, "Rachel, what do you think what I am doing? Rachel, don't you know that I'm declaring my sovereignty?"

Looking at the smile in his dark eyes, Rachel pushed him away and sat back on the chair. She mumbled, "Not in this way. You don't know how weird they looked at me today."

"How about you give me a kiss on my neck too? I'll go to the company tomorrow and walk around from the first floor to the twenty-eight floor. What do you think?" Jack craned his neck and leaned forward.

"I don't want to do that."

No matter how angry she was, she had already dissipated by his words.

Tracy just received a call from Jack, who said he would come back for dinner.

She read the dishes one by one and clapped her hands. "By the way, how can I forget his favorite red wine?"

At the moment, she told the maid to go to the cellar to get a bottle of red wine. It was not too late to open it and wake up.

Sitting on the sofa and reading newspapers, Jonathan could clearly hear his wife's chirping in the dining room even from such a distance. He shook his head helplessly and said, "Your son just comes back home for dinner. Why are you so excited?"

"He said he would bring his girlfriend back to see us!" Tracy sat down on the sofa, picked up an orange and handed it to Jonathan. Seeing that he shook his head to refuse, she sent it to her mouth.

She sighed, "Don't you know how old he is now? I've been asking him to bring his girl back as soon as possible all these years, but he didn't respond at all! Now he's finally willing to bring her back. No matter what, I must make her our daughter-in-law."

Jonathan was speechless.

The maid took a bottle of red wine from the cellar and walked across the courtyard. When she walked to the main room, she happened to see Jack and Rachel getting out of the car, talking and laughing. When she was about to greet them, she saw that Jack's arm was naturally hooked by Rachel's hand.

Her eyes widened in an instant. She quickened her pace and walked into the living room. Before she could put down the red wine, she gasped and said, "Mrs. they..."

Before she could finish her words, Tracy asked impatiently, "What? Take a breath and tell me."

"Jack is back, with Mi


He replied, "It has been a while. I called you to ask, but both your and Jack's phones are powered off."

"Yes. We were afraid that you would call us, so we turned off phones." Jack's tone was as calm as talking about the weather. Under the angry eyes of Henry, he calmly took out two mobile phones from his pocket and turned them on separately.

The pink one was handed to Rachel.

Rachel asked, "Why is my phone with you?"

Jack smiled faintly and didn't answer. Instead, Henry punched him on the shoulder and said, "You are my good friend, Jack."

He looked at the puzzled look in Rachel's eyes and explained slowly, "He knew I would pick up Lea and Rita this afternoon."


Jack patted the wrinkles on his shoulder and said in a clear voice, "Of course you have to pay back for what my daughter has done!" After saying that, he patted on Rachel and signaled her to open the door first.

Rachel glared at him. She didn't expect that he would keep what happened this morning in mind all the time.

Henry was confused, "Rita? What's wrong with her?"

A trace of blush crept up on Rachel's cheeks. She quickly opened the door and called Henry in. She blocked the door with her own hands and raised her fist. She fiercely said to Jack, "Don't mention what happened this morning, okay?"

While the two of them were whispering, Henry had already pushed every room open to have a look, but he didn't see Lea and Rita at all.

"Do you know where they have been? Rachel, did Lea tell you?" Henry finally got a little flustered.

Rachel also felt strange. Before she went to work today, she was told by Lea that she had no place to go and was going to stay at home. Rachel shook her head and walked to the balcony with her phone, preparing to call Lea.

"Her phone is off." Henry reminded her that she had to think about where they might be.

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