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   Chapter 350 Disadvantage Is A Blessing

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"Oh? It's so rare. Does she ask for leave for something?" Asked the Director.

The head nurse shook her head. "I don't know. She didn't tell me."

At this time, when Rachel was driving to the hospital where Jack was, she sneezed two times in a row. While answering the phone, Jack asked, "Where are you?"


Rachel finally realized the ability of Jack to stick to other people. He just had a fever and stayed in the hospital for two days. Now he almost recovered from the cold. However, she had to ask for leave to pick up a man when he was discharged from the hospital and send him home.

It had to be said that he was really thick-skinned.

When she arrived at the ward, Jack had prepared everything and was waiting for her.

Rachel took a deep breath and asked, "Where are you going later?"

"Go home first. I need to go to the company then."

Hearing this answer, Rachel thought of the man who just passed by her at the door. She frowned and asked, "Then why didn't you ask Austin drive you home?"

Jack smiled and replied, "I don't want him."


"I only paid Austin one salary, which is to be my secretary. I didn't pay him to be my assistant and take care of me. So, I can't let him do anything improper. It's unfair."

Rachel couldn't help but roll her eyes. Then who had accompanied him and taken care of him in the hospital these two days?

Rachel stretched out her hand and put it in front of Jack, "What about my salary?"

"Don't worry. I will give it to you." Jack patted Rachel on the palm. It seemed that there was something in her hand. When she saw it was the car key, she asked, "Will you give me this?"

At this time, a nurse appeared at the door of the ward with a family member. She pointed inside and said, "You can stay in this ward then. Go to the nursing station to go through the admission procedures later."

As soon as she finished speaking, she seemed to see the two people still in the ward. "Mr. Fu, haven't you cleaned up?"

"I'm leaving now."

So Rachel was thrown into the driver's seat. She opened the navigation and found the address. When she was about to start the car, Jack had changed the address on the navigation.

She thought for a few seconds and asked, "Now you don't live in the villa you used to live in?"

Jack adjusted the back of the chair and leaned back lightly, "I sold it."

He had already asked the real estate company to sell it. As for the reason, he looked at the puzzled expression in her eyes and smiled faintly. "This house is better than before. You will definitely like it."

Hearing that, Rachel was stunned. She curled her lips disapprovingly and muttered, "Why do I like your house?"

The house was located on the edge of the Tai Lake in the west of the city, and the environment was very good. The decoration of the house was changed. In the dim yellow light, it looked very warm.

She even doubted that the house was really his.

When she thought so, her eyes had clearly express

serious, Jack? I think you want me to continue to be your servant. Do you want me to follow your orders?"

"No! I will follow your orders from now on. You ask me to go east, I will never go west."

Jack raised his hand and gently touched her lips with his thumb. He lowered his head and kissed her lips greedily.

At night, the moon was flickering under the cover of dark clouds. Only the cold moonlight sprinkled in through the gap of the curtain. Suddenly, a woman's voice broke the silence.

Wrapped in a bath towel, Rachel looked carefully at the bathroom. Before taking a shower, she had already taken out her pajamas from the wardrobe, but she forgot to bring them in.

She roared, "Jack, bring my pajamas in."

"Are they on the bed?"

He picked it up and pushed the bathroom door open.

All of a sudden, a gust of cold air blew over her. Rachel shrank her shoulders and quickly took the pajamas from his hand, covering her chest. "Why do you come in directly?"

"Does it matter?" Jack curled his lips and gave her a gentle kiss before he turned around and left the bathroom with satisfaction.


Wiping her wet hair, Rachel sat in front of the dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror. There was a smile in her eyes and eyebrows, and the blush on her cheeks spread to the root of her ears, and even her earlobes became a little pink.

It seemed that she was different from before.

Jack stood quietly behind her, took the towel in her hand and continued to wipe it. "How about telling father and mother this news when we go home for dinner tomorrow?"


As soon as Rachel answered, the phone from Lea on the table suddenly rang. "Rachel, where are you now?"

"At home." Rachel blurted out.

"Then why don't you open the door?"

Open the door?

Rachel wanted to ask her where she was, but she heard that Lea continued, "I'm at the door of your apartment now. I've been ringing the doorbell for so long, but you didn't respond at all."

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