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   Chapter 305 Met Acquaintance In The Hospital

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In this way, time went faster.

Sometimes, she dreamed of the past, dreamed of him and woke up crying, but she gritted her teeth and had never thought of returning home.

If she couldn't fall asleep, she took out the medical book to read, so that she could forget all the distracting thoughts.

A year passed quickly.

As usual, Lucas took the book from Rachel and said, "Rachel, do you want to have a seat?"

Rachel nodded and pointed to a lawn outside the teaching building, "let's go there."

After passing through the crowd, the two sat down on a lawn. Rachel asked first, "Lucas, do you want to ask me if I should stay or not?"

Today was the last day of the training.

When the class was about to end, Dr. Mark said something to tempt them.

He was going to find two trainees from this training and take them as his disciples to work in the hospital where he worked.

Rachel was very interested in this proposal. She could learn a lot from Dr. Mark.

Seeing that her eyes lit up, Lucas knew what she should do. "Do you want to stay?"

She tilted her head and looked at him with a smile. "It's not whether I want it or not, but whether I can. But I will try my best to fight for it. Lucas, what about you?"

Lucas shook his head and looked into the distance. "No, I have an appointment with someone else."

Out of curiosity, Rachel asked, "With Iris?"

She deliberately prolonged her tone and smiled happily.

Although she no longer had any expectation for love, she hoped that everyone around her could get a happy love.

After all, sweet time really made people feel very happy.

Rubbing her head, Lucas said dotingly, "Yes, it's been a year. It's time for me to go back."

He stood up, patted the grass on his trousers, and then reached out to pull Rachel. "Are you going to the library later? I'm going back to pack up my things. I booked the earliest flight tomorrow. I'll contact you when I arrive."

"Well, have a nice trip."

It was a brief farewell between the two. Rachel felt a little depressed, but more best wishes to him.

She had carefully prepared for three days and worked until 2 a.m. in the morning every night. As soon as she touched the pillow on the bed, she closed her eyes automatically and fell asleep.

In this way, they finally met the test of Dr. Mark.

Although Rachel thought her performance was not bad, she felt nervous and waited for a long time. In the evening of the next day, she finally received an email from Dr. Mark, informing her to go to the hospital to report to him the next day.

This morning, Rachel got up early. She put on a light make-up and stood in Dr. Mark's office on time. Along with her was a male doctor from the United States, who was three years older than her. He was a conceited man.

Rachel had only met him once. At that time, Dr. Mark had arranged the group homework, and the two of them h

round was much easier.

After she finished her work, Rachel went back to the bed where Bill was lying, but there was no one else. She went to the nursing station and asked, and then she knew that it had been transferred to an individual ward.

She knocked on the door and walked in. Uncle Xu was peeling an apple on the edge of the bed. Bill had been awake and looked much more energetic.

Seeing her, Uncle Xu quickly put down the fruit knife in his hand and greeted, "Miss Rachel, you're here."

Then he handed the peeled apple to her.

Rachel said, "Uncle Xu, I don't want to eat. Please cut some for Bill."

"Miss Rachel, you are so kind." Uncle Xu took her hand and put the apple on her palm.

After saying that, he turned to look at Bill, "You should thank her."

Rachel waved her hand and said, "No need to thank me, it's my job. But Mr. Bill, why did you suddenly faint?"

With his hands on his sides, Bill sat up.

This seemingly simple action was a little difficult for him, and his breathing was much heavier. "I got up too early in the morning and couldn't fall asleep, so I went out to jog. I didn't expect that I suddenly fainted."

He was getting weaker and weaker.

After thinking for a while, Rachel said, "It has something to do with hypoglycemia. I checked your blood test result and found that your blood glucose is a little low."

"Then what should we do?" Hearing that there were other questions, Uncle Xu frowned, with endless worries between his eyebrows.

There were many reasons for hypoglycemia, and now she couldn't explain too much. She could only comfort them in a low voice, "Don't worry. It will be much better in a few days."

Uncle Xu breathed a sigh of relief, "That's good."

He felt much more relieved when he heard that. With a smile on his face, he said, "Every time Bill was sent to the hospital for temporary treatment, it was Miss Rachel who helped him. What a fate!"

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