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   Chapter 196 Visiting Lea's Father

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When Jack and Celine were still together, he had never been this affectionate to her.

Besides, he had emphasized many times that he would never allow his personal affairs to affect his work.

But since he had gotten together with Rachel, his moods were always affected. Although he didn't mention Rachel, Austin knew that she was the main reason for his boss's sudden change of mood.

For Austin, Rachel was also like Jack. They both looked indifferent all the time.

Every time Rachel visited Jack's office, she always wore a calm and expressionless face. Austin was so surprised why Jack was so obsessed with her. He seemed to even love her much more than he did to Celine.

Sometimes, he couldn't help wondering secretly. All the while, he thought that Celine would finally succeed in becoming Mrs. Fu. But all of a sudden, she just disappeared.

Then Rachel suddenly appeared out of nowhere and Jack announced that she was his wife.

Since then, Jack had been trying to do everything to win her heart. Austin thought that nothing seemed to be impossible for Jack when it came to Rachel.

Jack had arranged everything properly for Rachel. He definitely valued her and cared for her so much.

Austin had been working for Jack for many years, so he witnessed Jack's love for both women. He was able to see clearly how different Jack had treated Rachel compared to Celine.

But as a good employee, he had no right to pry with his boss's personal life.

His main task was to serve Jack and follow his orders. Whatever he saw and heard inside Jack's office, he must always keep it a secret.

At first, Austin thought that Jack really loved Celine. But as time went by, he noticed that she was just like a beautiful toy that he liked a lot when he was young.

Then the time came that he got fed up with it and lost his interest, so he just got rid of it easily.

Sometimes, Austin couldn't help comparing Celine to a beautiful dog. Because of its cuteness and obedience, Jack was fond of it. But when the dog suddenly became unruly and stirred up a lot of troubles, he decided to send it away.

No matter how much he liked Celine, she became frivolous in Jack's eyes as time passed by.

So, when he was still with Celine, Austin could notice the weariness written on his face most of the time.

But Jack was different when it came to Rachel. He was very careful in everything that involved her. Austin could say that Jack was even more afraid of losing Rachel than losing a hundred million business deal.

As a matter of fact, Jack didn't bring Celine to his office often. But Rachel had been in his office very frequently.

Austin sighed in his heart. It was really true that even heroes, also fall for beauties.

Although he didn't say it directly, he had already hinted Jack repeatedly that Rachel was getting in his way.

He had reminded Jack t

he would still teach her a lesson if she made a mistake. As expected, her father was enraged by their sudden confession, so he beat Henry up.

Lea was his youngest daughter so she was precious to him. Among his three children, she was his favorite so he didn't have the heart to beat her up.

Actually, Lea was also confident that Henry could get through her father. She knew that as long as she chose a man she liked, her father would support her no matter how angry he was in the beginning.

Moreover, she was pregnant now. Her father would never allow his grandchild to be born without a father. Could he even afford to see his daughter as a single mother?

In actual fact, Henry was able to past the first test because Lea's father wasn't too hard on him.

But when Rachel heard that Henry was beaten by Lea's father, she couldn't help worrying about him. She asked, "Is your dad... really very angry?"

'He looked at Henry as an enemy,' Lea thought.

But she didn't say it loud to Rachel. Instead, she said, "He is lucky that he is still alive. But he's now lying in bed like a dead dog after being forced to drink too much."

Rachel burst into laughter as she imagined how Henry looked like.

With his arms around her waist, Jack rested his chin on her shoulder and asked in a low voice, "What are you laughing at?"

Lea heard Jack's voice, so she raised an eyebrow and asked Rachel, "Is Jack beside you?"

Fortunately, Rachel was talking to Lea with earphones. If they happened to be on a video call, Lea would have seen their position right now. Rachel didn't know how she would react.

"Yes. He just arrived," she answered.

Lea had a lot of stories to tell Rachel but when she imagined that someone was crouching beside Rachel and listening to their conversation, she changed her mind. So she said lightly, "Well, let's just talk about this next time. I have a lot of things to tell you."

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