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   Chapter 192 Confession

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Lea raised her hand and put it on her forehead. She sat up straight and twitched her mouth.

What Rachel had told her made her restless. It felt like a flower that she grew carefully was suddenly smashed by a pig while she was distracted.

She had been trying hard to find Rachel a new boyfriend. But it seemed to be useless now.

Although she knew that she shouldn't intervene with Rachel's private life, she just couldn't help it.

Jack had finally won Rachel back. Lea didn't know what else to do, so she just said, "I don't feel good about this."

Rachel was quietly holding a cup in her hand. She was like an elementary school student being scolded by a teacher.

"What's so good about him?" Lea snapped.

Rachel thought for a while and answered, "Nothing really special."

"Yes, you're right! He's nothing but just a jerk." Lea continued to despise Jack. "How dare him go back to you and seduce you! He's a son of a bitch!"

Rachel felt a little embarrassed.

As a matter of fact, it wasn't only Jack. She was to be blamed too.

But what else could she do? They had both fallen in love with each other.

Rachel suddenly remembered that Lea was pregnant so she said worriedly, "Don't be too angry."

Lea got more furious. "How can I not be angry?" 'Fuck! Someone else's has taken my flower. How can I not be angry? What the hell!' she thought at the back of her mind.

"You have a baby in your belly now. It's not good for the baby if you get angry," Rachel reminded her.

When Lea heard the word baby, she froze.

Rachel took this opportunity to continue, "They say that if a pregnant woman often gets angry, her baby will become ugly."

Lea subconsciously touched her belly.

The image of an ugly baby with runny nose calling her "Mom" appeared in her mind. The thought sent chills down her spine.

But suddenly, she realized something. They were not supposed to be talking about the baby in her belly.

Lea looked into Rachel's eyes and said seriously, "You need to tell me everything honestly."

Finally, Lea came back to her senses after Rachel tried to divert the topic.

Feeling helpless, Rachel just nodded.

"When did you start being together?" She wanted to know when Rachel had started dating Jack.

Rachel thought about the question for a while. Actually, she couldn't remember too.

She didn't really paid much attention to it.

Everything just happened naturally. There wasn't an exact day that Jack confessed his love to her or courted her. He just suddenly treated her very well until she found herself falling for him. Eventually, she agreed to be together with him.

Since she couldn't give Lea a definite answer, she just replied in a low voice, "Not so long."

Somehow, Lea felt relieved with what Rachel said. They hadn't been together for a long time. Then maybe Lea could still d

still missed Celine.

"No," she said lightly, "I don't mind at all."

As Lea listened to her answer, she didn't know whether she should be happy or sad for Jack.

Rachel didn't care about Jack's ex-mistress. It was either because she was very confident with their current relationship, or she didn't really love him that much.

Lea thought it was the latter.

"When Jack and Celine were in a relationship, I had no feelings for him yet. There was nothing between us except the arranged marriage.

Our real relationship only started after he broke up with Celine. In that case, I couldn't say that he really cheated on me,"

Rachel said. "But this time, if Jack will have another affair with Celine, I won't forgive him."

She really cared about Jack right now.

If he betrayed her, she didn't know how to forgive him.

She lowered her head and her eyes darkened.

"That's right. You should not forgive him if he cheats on you," Lea commented.

She then clenched her teeth and added, "If he dares to have an affair, chop him off!"

Lea made a gesture of cutting.

It was now clear to Rachel why Lea was very angry. She only didn't want Jack to hurt her. Lea kept babbling excitedly. "Well, it actually doesn't matter if he gets back to Celine. You can just break up with him and tell his father about it.

Jonathan loves you so much so I know he won't tolerate Jack. For sure, he will immediately kick him out of the family."

The more she talked, the more excited she got. She clenched her fists and added, "Then we'll find a way to fuck them up..."

Lea didn't finish her last sentence. She suddenly realized, she was talking too much because of excitement.

She cleared her throat and stopped talking bad about Jack immediately. "Well, I'm just talking nonsense. Don't take it seriously."

After all, Rachel loved Jack.

Bad-mouthing him would definitely upset her.

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