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   Chapter 178 The Scheme Worked

Trapped In Lace By Six Characters: 10037

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Lea understood what Rachel was trying to imply. She nodded her head, bit her lower lip, and turned around. All of a sudden, she stepped on Henry's foot angrily.

Henry's face twisted in pain, but he somehow managed to keep his countenance. He put his arm around Lea's shoulders and turned to Rachel. "We are leaving now," he said with a smile.

When Lea saw the car parked by the roadside, she elbowed Henry's flank and said angrily, "Can't you see that Rachel is alone? Do you want her to take a taxi home?"

Henry secretly rolled his eyes. It was Jack who had told him that Lea and Rachel were here. Jack would send his man to pick Rachel up.

However, he couldn't tell Lea about it. Jack had sent him a message earlier, reminding him not to tell these two women who was the person behind all this.

Fortunately, Rachel heard what Lea had said. Henry felt relieved when she refused politely, "No, thanks. Anyway, we're heading to different directions." Then after hesitating for a while, she looked at Henry and added, "Henry, can I talk with you alone for a minute?"

Henry looked at Lea as if asking for her permission. She pushed him and said, "Go ahead."

Lea knew what Rachel was going to say to him.

So she let go of his hand, turned around quickly, and walked towards his car.

Henry was a little unhappy because Lea let go of him without any hesitation just because of Rachel's request.

When Lea left, Rachel remained silent for a while. She seemed to be deep in thought.

Henry stood in front of Rachel with a relaxed expression. He had already anticipated that she would ask him about his relationship with Lea.

Women were always like this. They wanted their friends to be treated well.

"When did you start dating Lea?" Rachel asked lightly after a while.

Although Henry had already expected the question, he was still startled because of the seriousness in her tone. He felt like an elementary school student being scolded by a teacher for doing something wrong.

When did they start dating? He contemplated for a moment.

To be honest, Henry couldn't remember when exactly they had started dating.

Before he could answer, Rachel asked another question. "Do you often fight?" Often fight?

Funny, Henry just kept on repeating Rachel's question in his mind. This time, he answered nervously, "No, we don't."

It was the first time that Rachel talked to him earnestly so Henry couldn't help feeling nervous.

"Okay." Rachel looked down and thought again for a while.

Henry wanted to ask Rachel what she really wanted to know, but he couldn't say it directly. He was afraid that she might misunderstood him. If Rachel would have a bad impression on him, she would definitely tell Lea about it.

They had been fighting a lot recently. If they continued to have more misunderstandings, they might end up losing each other.

Eventually, Henry decided to just keep quiet

and wait for Rachel to speak again.

Perhaps she found out something about t

ted to have a new impression on her. He couldn't believe that Rachel expressed her gratitude to him although he only did his job.

Rachel made him feel respected. He realized, she was a very kind and genuine person.

When they arrived at the apartment, Jack and Rachel got out of the car and took the elevator upstairs.

Rachel noticed that Jack was in a good mood tonight.

"Why are you so happy?"

Jack subconsciously touched his face and asked in amazement, "Am I?"

He hadn't realized that it was so obvious.

Rachel replied smilingly, "You actually look like a sly fox."

Upon hearing her reply, Jack was stunned for a while. He didn't know how to defend himself.

When the elevator doors opened, he held Rachel's hand and they stepped out together.

He would never admit to her that he was overjoyed by such a trifle—that she came back to him tonight.

Jack was actually very pleased that Rachel was now with him. He always hated to see her in other's company.

He controlled himself and cleared his throat before he said, "Really?"

Rachel just rolled her eyes at him.

After inputting the security code, they both entered and changed into their house slippers. The small lampshade in the living room was on.

Rachel actually had the habit of keeping a lampshade on in the bedroom while sleeping. She seemed to have brought that habit here in the apartment. But this time, the lampshade was not in the bedroom, but in the living room.

The soft light in the dark living room made her feel good the moment she got in.

The apartment was still the same as usual. But Rachel's presence made it a place called "home."

Thus, everything inside this apartment that used to be almost useless had now found their meanings. Even those kitchen utensils and appliances didn't need to stay in the dark forever anymore.

Rachel was about to say something to Jack so she turned around and looked at him. She was surprised to see him standing, one hand pressing on his stomach.

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