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   Chapter 178 Being Cheeky

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He was smiling, but William somehow felt a chill from his back.

William took out a business card and handed it to him. "My surname is Su, you just call me William."

Then Henry saw the card and found him a GM of magazine.

Lea added, "He is my schoolmate." She said to Henry.

Lea was afraid that Henry would say something impolite so she introduced William to him hurriedly.

A schoolmate? The business card was flipped in Henry's hand. The corners of his lips raised with a meaningful smile.

He took out his business card and gave it to William. Then he started to introduce himself, "My surname is Qin, Lea's boyfriend."

William took a close look at the name card, and a flicker of surprise flashed through his eyes. Henry... Is Lea's boyfriend?

Rachel turned her head away. She couldn't bear to see the strange expression on Lea's face anymore. Lea was still a little confused about the appearance of Henry.

But seeing Henry rush to emphasize he was her boyfriend, Lea knew what he meant.

He regarded William as an enemy. Lea squinted at Henry indifferently.

She didn't say anything about his introduction, which made Henry feel much better.

Henry's fame was not famous than his family who run a big shipping family. But media knew about Qin Family because of him.

Although William wasn't a businessman, he had heard a lot about it.

Qin Family in Ning City and the name of Henry was not strange to him.

Men were best actor in their social circle, and William was resourceful as well.

After thinking for a while, he realized that Henry wasn't introduced by Lea as soon as he came. They started to speak after an argument.

It was obvious that Henry came without an invitation. And Henry emphasized that he was Lea's boyfriend.

'Does he misunderstand the relationship between me and Lea?'

It seemed that William was right.

William continued, "I heard that Lea is going back to work tomorrow, and I just came back from abroad. We haven't seen each other for a long time. We are all busy, and it's a rare opportunity to get together once a year. I didn't even know you have a boyfriend."

The last sentence was said to Lea, with a sense of blame.

He seemed to be signing that they were so busy that he even had no idea Lea had a boyfriend.

In fact, he was trying to explain to Henry that he and Lea was quite strange to each other.

William did not know whether Henry would accept his explanation or not. With a strange look for a moment, Lea smiled. "We are the same. You never told me whether you have a girlfriend."

William laughed loudly, "I haven't met her. I'm a single now."

Lea continue

ne not far away from them.

When she was about to walk over, Henry held her arm and said in a low voice, "We need to talk."

Talk? She looked at him coldly, "What do you want to talk about? Are you going to fight with me here?"

Henry's forehead twitched. "Lea, can you talk to me peacefully?"

But she sniffed dismissively.

He was speechless. Seeing that she was about to shake off his hand, he stretched out another long arm and grabbed her hand tightly.

He whispered in her ear before Lea got angry.

Lea paused and looked back at him.

Full of doubts. "Are you lying to me?"

Henry said, "why should I lie to you?" 'Why should I deceive her?'

After Rachel hung up the phone, Lea stammered, "Rachel, I have something to do tonight... We...

Get together another day?"

She had to fly back tomorrow. Gathering was not an easy thing.

A dash of chagrin and struggle swept over Lea's face.

Without saying anything, Henry just stood there with a well thought out plan.

Rachel was confused. They had promised to spend the night together. Why did she change her mind suddenly?

Rachel looked suspiciously at the man on the other side, who looked calm and innocent.

Seeing that Lea was so hesitating, Rachel guessed that there must be something that she couldn't tell her. So Rachel mulled it over in her heart and guessed that Lea had something to do with Henry.

He changed his mind as soon as he came here.

Henry walked over to them and hugged Lea and looked at his watch. "It's about time. We should go."

Sure enough, he had something to do with it. But seeing their interaction, it seemed that Henry was concerned about Lea very much.

Instead of stopping her, Rachel nodded and said, "Go ahead. Call me when you're free."

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