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   Chapter 177 Sudden Appearance

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Although Rachel seemed to be more mature and calm, in fact, she was willing to listen to Lea's opinions in many aspects.

Therefore, making a decision considering Lea's advice was very important to her.

Jack had no idea about this, and he just thought Lea was an important person to Rachel.

He thought that he had to do something to weaken Lea's position in Rachel's heart. He needed to find something to bother Lea that she had no time to meddle in Rachel's personal life.

At this moment, having drinks, Lea suddenly sneezed several times. She rubbed her nose and asked, "Which bastard is cursing me?"

Rachel said, "It's cold in the shop and maybe you are not used to the temperature."

"I think someone is cursing me."

"You are thinking too much.'' Lea sneezed again when Rachel just finished her words.

Although Rachel had known what had happened between Lea and Henry, she still couldn't calm herself down.

In addition, there was something she was hiding from Lea, which made her a little depressed.

So she didn't hear Lea saying of "One of my friend will come to have dinner with us."

"Okay," Rachel responded but she had no idea about the content.

When it was about time to go, they went to the restaurant ahead of time. Lea told her that she had a friend coming, but Rachel didn't listen to her.

So when Lea refused the waiter to order temporarily, Rachel was a little stunned and asked, "What are you waiting for?"

They came to a fancy French restaurant. Lea usually flied to France.

As she said, she had been bored with French cuisine.

Why did she choose here?

The puzzled expression on her face was too obvious. Lea leaned over the table in front of Rachel and whispered, "My friend chose here. If you don't like, we can change."

Anyway, she didn't like French cuisine that much. When Rachel was about to ask Lea which her friend would come later.

She saw Lea's eyes lit up and was waving at the person behind Rachel happily.

Confused, Rachel turned around. She saw a man in a stiff shirt walking towards her.

The man was tall, with a handsome and calm face. He strode towards them and sat down in the leading of Lea.

He said to the ladies, "Sorry, I'm late."

Lea smiled, "No, we came early. Take a seat."

He nodded to Rachel.

After greeting Rachel, he sat beside her.

Lea introduced, "This is my friend, Rachel. And this is my schoolmate, William Su."

Rachel nodded to him and said, ""Nice to meet you."

When he sat down, the waiter came up and handed over the menu again. Rachel had thought that there were only two of them

ngry, Lea had to move aside to let him sit. She was full of anger and put on a long face, without saying anything.

On the contrary, Henry got close to her with a smile on his face, and tried to comfort her. At the sight of this, Lea pushed away his hand, turned to ask the waiter to come and order some food for him.

Henry showed a tinge of smile on his face and gave the order list to the waiter.

William Su and Rachel became silent at the same time, their topic was suddenly interrupted. He looked at the two people in front of him, and he could tell what their relationship was at a glance.

But to William Su's surprise, this man looked familiar.

The Qin Family ran a large business. But Henry didn't join his family business, he developed his own career, which was the representative of the big shots on the land.

William Su felt the man looked familiar but couldn't recognize him at once.

Rachel fell into silence. She knew Lea very well. According to what Lea said, Rachel thought that she really disliked Henry. But it seemed that things were not going on as she expected. If she was really angry, she would get up early and go directly, rather than sitting here and bickering with Henry.

Actually, Henry knew it better than anyone else. Therefore, he felt a little relieved when Lea didn't ask him to leave.

Then he fixed his eyes on the man sitting opposite him.

The man was tall and good-looking. It seemed that he was the cup of tea of Lea.

Henry was angry when he reminded of three photos sent by Jack, in which Lea was talking to the man happily.

Henry looked at the man in front of him and lifted his eyeglasses. With a gentle smile on his face, she asked, "May I know your surname, please?"

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