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   Chapter 175 Two Birds Of The Same Feather

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When Rachel thought that they were finally finished with shopping, Lea just handed the things to her driver and waved her hands enthusiastically. "Let's go on to the next shop!"

Rachel's legs were so sore that she almost fell to the ground. She quickly reached out and pulled Lea back. "Can't we rest first?" she whined.

Lea thought about it for a while before nodding. Besides, it was still early, and they still had two hours left before dinner.

They quickly entered a busy cafe and ordered themselves two cups of coffee and plates of pastries.

Rachel had been exhausted after the long hours of shopping she had. They had probably entered fifty shops in an hour.

She rubbed her ankles once they'd finally sat down,

wincing in pain.

Although Lea was never short of money, she probably spent around a hundred thousand dollars in one hour alone.

She had never done this before, so there must be something that was setting her off.

Rachel took a sip of coffee to alleviate her thirst before asking, "What's with you? Why are you buying so many things? Have you won the lottery or something?"

Lea shrugged. "These are actually for free," she explained. "I didn't pay a single dime for any of them."

"For free?" Lea's face darkened at the thought of the man's name. However, she didn't even need to say it for Rachel to know. It was all over her face.

"Henry?" Rachel blurted.

Lea clenched her fists.

"Don't even mention that bastard."

Rachel leaned back against her seat, blinking at the profanity. Her friend was usually more put-together than this. That would mean that something must've set her off. "Did you guys fight?"

"Of course not." Rachel was about to tease her for not telling her the truth, but she quickly interrupted her. "This is the money he has given me to be his sugar baby."

Silence had fallen upon them for the next few seconds as Rachel widened her eyes. "What?" Lea just had a fight with Henry the other day,

and she was furious.

She didn't expect that after two days of separation, he would give her a bank card. A part of her thought that he would return to apologize to her before she would go back for work.

To her disappointment, all he did was sent a stranger to deliver the bank card to her.

When she tried to call him, he was even more s

llen in love with him.

She had been complaining for so long about Jack that Lea had already gotten to despise the man.

However, just as Lea had been helping her get rid of him, Rachel suddenly fell into the abyss of love.

If Lea knew about this, she'd be furious.

Noticing that Lea was still in a bad mood, Rachel thought about it and decided to conceal the truth for the time being.

She planned to tell her once she got better.

Although she didn't need Lea's consent,

she still hoped that her best friend could support her through this.

Rachel wanted to be met with happiness instead of disappointment.

Or at least, she hoped that Lea would forgive her for choosing him again.

She didn't want to be met with a cruel "I told you so" if things between them didn't really work out.

"What are you thinking?" Lea waved her hand in front of her face.

Rachel shook her head and said, "Nothing."

"What do you mean nothing?" Lea cocked up her eyebrow.

"I was thinking about you and Henry."

That shut Lea up almost immediately.

Seeing her expression, Rachel couldn't help but laugh. "I'll stop. You can tell me whenever you're ready."

Lea finally loosened up as she shook her head.

They had always told each other everything.

In fact, they were best of friends.

That was how they had grown up together. They knew each other's secrets like the back of their hands.

Since they grew up together, they knew each other better than anyone. Plus Lea had always played a role of an elder sister to Rachel.

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