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   Chapter 174 Sneak Shots

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Jack's personal life wasn't known to his employees.

Although he was often ranked as one of the top golden bachelors in Ninwell City, he kept his private life pretty low-key.

They heard about his wife, but they had no idea if the woman they were referring to was the lady in front of them.

Some of them thought Jack was also a playboy who kept his love life low-key.

Actually, some of them even wondered whether their boss was actually gay given that most of his employees were male. In fact, even his secretary was a guy!

When it came to Jack, different gossips concerning him circulated the entertainment circle.

Besides, he was a rich and handsome man who had attracted many women. It wasn't any wonder why they were so interested with his orientation and the lady with him.

They finally arrived at the first floor. Jack didn't leave the elevator with Rachel until the others had left.

There were so many people staring at them in public.

Rachel shuffled awkwardly. She felt that the intimacy wasn't good for his image in the company, so she tried to break away from his hold.

However, as soon as she moved, he grabbed her hand even more tightly. His slender fingertips wrapped around her warm hand.

She raised her eyes slightly, seeing the aristocratic details on his face.

There was something about him that made her relax.

'There's nothing to be afraid of,' she thought.

'It's his image, not mine.'

Without another word, she allowed him to lead her out into the entrance. The driver had been waiting for them. When he saw them coming out, he immediately got out and opened the door located at the back seat.

Jack assisted her inside. "Call me when you get there, okay?"

"Okay." The driver closed the door.

He looked up at the driver, as if he wanted to say something, but he quickly changed his mind.

"Drive slowly. Call me when you arrive," he said strictly.

"Yes, Mr. Fu."

After getting in the car, the driver looked at the rear-view mirror. "Mrs. Fu, where do you want to go?"

Rachel clicked on the location Lea had sent her before handing it to the driver. "Here."

Jack stood still and watched the car leave. Once he was sure that they were gone, he turned and headed back into the office.

Two men had been inconspicuously hiding in the flowerbed.

"Did you get the pictures?"

One of the men smirked, waving his camera up and down. "Yes, I did."

It seemed that

face to face with Rachel. He was stroking her messy hair as she looked up at him with a smile on his face. It had captured such a beautiful candid moment between the couple.

It had captured the joy in Rachel's eyes as well as the affection in Jack's. It mirrored the couple perfectly that he just had to keep this picture.

Since it was shot so well, he decided to let the reporters off with a warning.

It wasn't as if he didn't want to release the news. It was just that he wanted to reveal her identity bit by bit.

After all, Rachel wasn't a star. They had no need of getting any detail from her.

What Jack wanted to do was remove any sort of rumor about Rachel. He thought it was better to announce it himself as to remove any unnecessary information off the press.

Rachel wouldn't be able to deal with the pressure if gossip were to come out.

He had to exclude any gossip from her as to let her live happily with him.

As of the moment, Rachel had no idea what was happening. She was too busy shopping with Lea.

The two women were very different. While Rachel would only buy things she needed, Lea would try everything she liked.

It would usually lead to a domino effect wherein she'd buy a pair of shoes, then a dress, then a cardigan, then a pair of sunglasses and so on.

Every time she went shopping with Lea, they would return holding loads of shopping bags.

However, this time, Lea didn't seem to be in a good mood.

It seemed as if she had gotten rich over night from the way she was swiping her card left and right.

After a while, Lea called her driver to send her stuff home first.

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