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   Chapter 173 A Long Chat

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Tracy turned around, feeling a little hesitant and embarrassed. "I was looking for them. Why didn't they show up?"

"Just make a phone call and you'll know."

Tracy didn't say anything... She just wanted to look for him in secret.

She came over and sat down beside her husband, hearing him say slowly, "All right, don't worry about it. They are good."

"I'm not worried." Tracy turned around and asked, "Don't you think it's strange? Why do they suddenly? Being together."

Facing his wife's confused face, Jonathan laughed in his mind. He put his arm around her shoulder and said, "I told you not to worry about it. They can deal with it by themselves."

Then they got up and went back to their room. Jonathan muttered, "I have my waist ache these two days, can you give me a massage?"

Rachel was proved herself that she really couldn't drink. It was just a bottle of Pineapple Beer, whose purity was as low as water, which could make her flushed after coming down from the roof.

But Rachel was still very sober. When they got out of the car, Jack was still thinking if he needed to help her. Seeing Rachel walk on her own, he withdrew his hand.

This woman really couldn't drink.

It was quiet downstairs. Fu Family's house was full of darkness.

The parents had gone to bed. After returning to their 'wedding room', where Rachel and Jack seldom came in.

After she took a shower, Rachel was not that drunk anymore. She felt the warmth suddenly and found Jack leaning over to her, who just finished his bath.

Opening her eyes, it was too late to stop him, she was kissed possessively by him.

The new-born rookie couldn't bear the skills of Jack. Within a few seconds, she was tossed around.

When she still had a little sense, she bit her lower lip and pushed him slightly. "Not here..."

But he didn't listen to her, with her hands touching her. He said in a low voice, "Why not?"

"We are at home." She whispered shyly.

Jack smiled. "Don't worry. It's a good place for sound isolation."

But he didn't know that what Rachel was afraid of was not soundproofing, but to make it worse. When the housekeeper came to clean it up the next day, their parents would know.

However, these thoughts couldn't win the fierce attack of Jack. She finally obeyed him.

Rachel thought that she must be drunk by that beer, which made her so indulgent.

The next day, they got up very late. When they finally left the house, Rachel was almost expressionless.

Her reaction puzzled them. Only Jack knew what

o cover the back of her hand.

His slender fingers slowly slid into hers, and slightly tightened her grip. He stared at their hands, and so did Rachel. He had no idea how she felt at the moment.

Mixed feelings filled his heart. He clenched his hands and held it even tighter.

Rachel even felt a slight pain, and then Jack said, "Do you still the second son of Cheng Family?"

Francis? At the thought of him, Rachel couldn't help but remember that lovely life.

"I came across him the other day. He was drunk, and hugged the girl who looked a bit like Wendy."

Rachel asked, "How's he doing?"

With a faint smile, Jack released her hand and got off the car with her.

After walking out of the car, Jack came over and took her hand spontaneously, continuing the conversation.

"I don't know whether he is good or not, but I know that he regretted."

Francis not only regretted deeply, but also lost much weight.

He only got better after staying in hospital for a period. It was said that something happened to the company and he could barely get up from the bed to the company.

It was said that Francis was going to sell the company and was going to leave the country.

He had spent years for the revenge, but it turned out that he was almost killed by himself.

It's his own business. But Francis made Wendy involved.

He even made use of her to revenge on her family and hurt her in the name of love. At last, they were separated forever.

He could only hold a woman who looked like Wendy when he was drunk, and went to complain and remorse. After he woke up, he continued to be a decisive general player, but as time went by, he had become a walking dead.

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