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   Chapter 166 Got A Call From Rona

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Over the years, she had been very tired under the compulsion of Jack. But he still didn't let her go. She had no choice but to stay away from him.

She didn't know how much Rona would believe her words, but Celine just said it.

Rona was skeptical at first because, from time to time, Celine complained to her that she had to avoid Jack no matter where she went.

After Rona heard what Celine said, she reluctantly believed it.

After all, this kind of thing had happened before. But time passed, day by day.

Every time Rona asked her about their relationship, Celine always told her that Jack had been bothering her.

But Rona had been her friend for a long time, and she knew well about Celine.

It was impossible for them to be entangled with each other for so long and Celine hadn't agreed to forgive him.

She couldn't have given up on him. It was just that Jack had dumped her.

But neither of them was the case. Rona had not seen that with her own eyes. Besides, Jack had never announced their breakup to the public.

Although Rona was suspicious that they had been separated, she did not see or hear personally.

She had no other choice but to doubt. However, when she saw Jack went to shopping with his wife intimately, all truths almost emerged.

Rona followed them all the way silently until they paid and went out. She thought for a while and took out her mobile phone to call Jack.

They went out of the underground supermarket of the shopping mall. Jack carried bags in both hands while Rachel carried nothing.

They looked like an ordinary couple, who came out together after shopping. For them, such a life atmosphere was fresh for a while.

Before Rachel came for shopping herself before, she didn't need to pick up randomly like this. She just bought things she did want to buy and left soon. Didn't mention to Jack.

He seldom went to places like this in a year. Apart from the business trips to some big shopping malls, it was almost impossible for him to buy things in a supermarket like this.

When they were about to arrive at the elevator, Jack's phone rang.

He was holding something in his hands and could not answer the phone, so he gave a hint to Rachel to help him take out the phone.

The position of the mobile phone was a little sensitive, so Jack stopped and dropped his hands, asking Rachel's help to take out his phone from his pocket.

Rachel took it out from his suit pants.

The name "Rona" flickered on the screen. Although Rachel knew that Rona was a friend of Celine, she didn't know her name. So she didn't think too much and handed the phone to Jack.

Seeing it was a call from Rona, something different flashed through Jack's deep eyes. He cast a glance at Rachel secretly.

Under this situation, he

at Rachel would mind at this moment was the words that Jack said in Royal Private Kitchen that day.

It was the metal banging sound, she realized her keys dropped.

Rachel bent over and picked it up. Then, her phone rang.

There came Lea's voice from the other end, "Rachel! "

"What's the matter?" She said softly.

The voice of Lea came through the phone, mixed with the noise of wind.

"Do you have time... The day after tomorrow... How about we have a dinner together?"

"The day after tomorrow?" Rachel had nothing to do now, so she was free at any time.

"No problem" The wind on the other end of the line was so strong that Rachel couldn't hear Lea's voice clearly, so she could only heard some broken voice. "Yeah... I have to work.... Next Monday... Time for dinner."

Rachel rubbed her forehead helplessly, "Can you talk in a quiet place? It's too noisy that I can't hear you clearly."

Lea said, "Wait a minute... I'll text you later."

Time flied and the two month holiday of her passed quickly. Lea had to go back the life where flied over the world.

Rachel remembered Henry and wanted to know how their relationship was going.

If Lea planned to go back fly, she would have to break up with him or kept a long-distance relationship, otherwise, Lea would change to be a ground crew.

Lea broke up with her ex because of her job. But for Henry...

Never mind. This was the business of Lea. She would deal with it. In terms of relationship, she was more mature and calm than her.

Rachel was in a mess now. She had no time to care about Lea's relationship.

Lea must be angry if she knew what Rachel and Jack was going.

Rachel was confident in Jack, but this didn't mean that others shared the same confidence with her.

In other words, they didn't think that Jack was her Mr. Right.

And a good person.

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