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   Chapter 165 Shopping In The Supermarket

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After making sure that the child was fine, Jack nodded to Rona and then pushed the cart away with Rachel.

Rona stood there in surprise, watching their back with a complex expression on her face.

She didn't expect that she would run into Jack and Rachel being together here.

Did Jack deliberately accompany Rachel to go shopping?

Thinking of her close friend, Rona was too upset to say anything.

They didn't pay much attention to meeting Rona, but to her, it was a thunderous experience.

Rona didn't come to her sense until Jack nodded at her and left.

She heard someone else asking, "Is your brother all right?"

"He is still crying. Hold him up."

The noise made her restless. She pulled the little boy up from the ground.

She said impatiently, "Stopping crying. Where's nanny?"

They walked out from the children's toy area. As for Rachel, meeting Rona was the same as if she met some acquaintances.

However, with a guilty conscience, Jack cautiously observed her. When he saw her natural look, he felt a little relieved.

Rona was the best friend of his former girlfriend. He couldn't help thinking of someone when he saw her.

But what he cared was whether Rachel would mind.

He was afraid that she would feel uncomfortable when thinking of their relationship.

They were also discussing about the chaos just now. They had rarely had the same opinions, and both thought that the management of the shopping mall was not good enough. When they chatted, the atmosphere was naturally harmonious.

Rachel didn't show any difference on her face. Seeing her like this, Jack breathed a sigh of relief secretly. He was afraid that she might care about it.

After talking about what happened just now, Rachel continued, "Those parents should have paid more attention to their children. If my child was there, I wouldn't allow him to have a row in the crowd."

She just made an example. But she saw a strange light flashed in Jack's eyes, and then he smiled with his lips slightly pursed.

He said, "You will be a good mother."

Rachel didn't know what to say... 'Where did you find that? I will be a good mother?'

Then, Jack said slowly, "We only need a child now."

Rachel pretended not to hear his words, pushing the cart forward a few steps. Her eyes wandered on the vegetable shelves. She asked, "What do you want to eat?"

After following her from behind, Jack leaned towards her and reached out his hand to take a piece of eggplant from the shelf. "How about 'stew eggplant clay pot'?"

"That's too oily." Rachel took it from him and put back on the shelf. She said, "Pick another one."

With his deep eyes, he glanced at the vegetables. With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "Up to you."

Rachel was carefully going around the beddings shelf. She pushed the cart and slowly walked away. The cookbook was custo

give them an autograph."

In the end, the two girls left with his signature cheerfully. The scribbles on the paper were so delicate that nobody could tell what he wrote.

Even so, they took it for granted in the eyes of these young girls.

It was normal for celebrities to sign autographs like this. Moreover, the handwriting was sharp, but graceful.

Before leaving, the two girls asked their names. They thought they were stars, so they googled them on the phone. They couldn't find anything for the search of Rachel.

But when they input the name of Jack, they were astonished.

It was not a big deal for Jack to be thought a star. As a handsome man, it was understandable for others to think so.

In the end, they picked up a cute melon.

They signed the price and then pushed the cart to the cashier.

They didn't know that someone was watching the whole process, with jealousy and indignation in her eyes.

The woman beside him was not Celine anymore, but Rachel.

'Has Jack turned over already? Did he love Celine very much? Why did he go back to be with Rachel all of a sudden?'

However, Rona had no idea that Celine had been forced to leave the city by Jonathan.

It was also impossible for Celine to speak out that shameful thing to Rona on the phone.

Whether she came back secretly or in any way, she would be forcibly sent back no more than two days.

Even she told them there's something wrong with her family, her company, or her rent deposit.

In the end, she had no choice but to leave. Although Celine was angry, she couldn't do anything about it.

At the moment she realized how influential the Fu Family was in Ning City.

She also regretted that she broke up with Jack. Now she couldn't get in touch with him no matter how hard she tried.

However, Celine explained it to the outside, including Rona that she didn't love Jack anymore and she went out for fresh air.

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