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   Chapter 164 Hung Out

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Having achieved his goal, Austin exited.

Jack looked blankly at the screen of the computer in front of him, and the pen in his hand kept rotating.

Austin just reminded him that he was not hardworking these two days. However, in the meantime, Jack realized that he had made mistakes.

He had never delayed his work because of some personal affairs.

He had always been scrupulous in separating public from private interests. He didn't expect that he would break this rule by falling into love with Rachel.

When he saw Rachel's message that asked him what to eat for dinner in the meeting, He should had responded to Rachel and chatted with her, forgetting what he was doing.

After a long pause, the big boss finally decided.

Austin reminded him, which made sense. So Jack decided to separate public affairs from personal affairs.

When it was off duty time, without waiting for the news from Rachel, he directly drove back.

It had been raining for the whole day. The green plants on both sides of the road were washed freshly and green, adding an striking color to the foggy weather.

He was in a bad mood these days because of his busy work and his health condition. The only time he was in a good mood was to see Rachel. But because of work, he couldn't accompany her often.

The time he spent on Rachel was squeezed from the busy work.

Although Rachel didn't know what he had done, it didn't matter.

It's good to be able to let this snail stand out for him, ever since she began to be vigilant against him, and now she's willing to take the initiative to come to his side.

It had been making little progress. But now, it was getting much better.

Jack was so happy when he arrived. He staring at the window of his home.

He knew clearly that from the day on, the light of the house would always be on.

Rachel did nothing for the whole day. Been obsession with cleaning, Jack was very strict with the housekeeper.

In particular, she had to keep the things clean.

They all followed the rules here, basically once cleaning every two days.

Although the house looked cold and cheerless, there was not a trace of dust on the floor from the center to the corner.

She didn't need to tidy up anything here, except some food materials, because she decided to cook at home.

Rachel walked around in the morning, got nothing to do, so she went back to have a rest.

Lunch was called over by Jack. It was not until she was waken up by the phone that she knew that he had ordered food for her.

It turned out that Jack was here to supervise her.

Rachel felt so ashamed of herself, so she had been busy making plans of table of food for Jack the whole afternoon.

The table was made by inquires to a nutritionists, which was her schoolmate.

Rachel had been busy with this matter for the

fell down on the ground in front of their shopping cart.

Then he broke into tears all of a sudden, which startled the people who gathered around.

The noisy noise suddenly quieted down, and everyone looked back blankly.

The fat boy slumped on the ground and cried loudly. No one knew what was going on.

None of the parents rushed out. They looked at each other for a moment, and the little fat boy was crying in front of their car.

His tears reverberated loudly in the room. Rachel and Jack had to stop walking.

Everyone looked at each other and had no idea who his mother was. Seeing this child crying sadly, some children and parents came up one after another to comfort him.

When Jack was about to leave with Rachel, the kid's sister came.

Wearing a long dress, she walked through their crowd and squatted down in front of the child. She shouted anxiously, "Daniel! What's wrong with you?"

"Wow! Sister!" The boy who was knocked down cried sadly and was about to pounce on the girl.

"He was hit by that cart." One of children in the crowd said, which made Jack and Rachel had to stop.

They turned their heads and met the eyes of their anxious sisters. Both of them were stunned.

It was Rona, a good friend of Celine.

Rachel had met her for several times, and Jack was quite familiar with her.

However, when they accidentally met each other here, all of them were stunned.

Before they could explain themselves, the mother of the kid hurried to pull him back and clarify, "I'm sorry! My child did not see clearly. He fell down by accident, not these two people knocked him down. Is he alright?"

Realizing what happened, Rona turned to look at her brother and was relieved after making sure there was no wound on his body.

Jack and Rachel, who didn't spoke one word from the beginning until this moment, was almost led to a misunderstanding.

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