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   Chapter 163 Distracted From Work

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By the way, that stupid cat was called Ball. Michael raised a stupid cat and gave it a stupid name.

Michael mentioned to Jack that the cat usually scratched his door at midnight and screamed.

He was nearly on the verge of breaking down because of her cry for a few nights. Then, he explained to Jack the reason why he raised a cat because the woman he chased recently liked cats.

The cat was kept by the woman, but she went on a business trip during that time.

If that woman likes the tiger, is he going to raise one?

When he finished his words, Rachel's eyebrows were curved, and she couldn't help laughing. Seeing her laughing so happily, he could not help feeling jealous.

"Is it so funny?"

She could even imagine how furious Michael was when he was knocked on the door by a cat in the middle of the night.

Rachel shook her head and said, "The cat is very cute."

Jack became vigilant and asked, "Do you like cats?"

Of course she had no fancy about that thing.

Rachel just mentioned it casually because the description of Jack. But she indeed had no interest in raising pets.

She just said it casually. Seeing that Jack cared about it too much, she couldn't help teasing him.

She tilted her head and looked like she was thinking.

Jack said to her, "Don't tell me that you like cats too."

Rachel asked, "What about you?"

His eyebrows were furrowed into a frown as soon as his question was answered. Then he realized that Rachel might like the furry thing very much.

He wasn't interested in pets, so he tried his best to look calm.

He said against his will, "If you like it, we can keep one."

When he finished his words, he saw Rachel smile and asked, "Really?"

'Fine, forget it.' he sighed in his heart. If Rachel really liked that kind of animal, he would force himself to accept it. Wasn't it normal that girls liked soft and fluffy animals?

"I mean it." He conceded.

However, Rachel burst into laugh directly and poked his secret, "You don't like it at all. Why do you force yourself to accept?"

With embarrassment shown on his face, Jack touched his nose and said awkwardly, "Depends on you."

She shook her head and said, "In that case, you will despise us."

Hearing what Rachel said, Jack said immediately, "If you really like it, I can accept it."

Rachel turned around and walked to the living room, trying to cover her sweet smile.

Without knowing what Rachel was going to do, Jack rushed up to her and emphasized, "If you want, we can go to the pet store this afternoon."

Rachel couldn't help but touch her forehead and said with a smile, "Don't think too much. Have you ever seen me keep those things?"

Jack was stunned by her words. On second thought, he believed that she indeed didn't have the chance to raise any animals. After all, his mother also didn't like raising little animals.

Most of the time

. Perhaps it was a gentle warning this time.

If this kind of stupid mistake happens again, they would have to go home.

Those men didn't know the reason why Jack was distracted, but Austin knew.

After returning to Jack's office, Austin handed over the materials related to cooperation to Jack. After discussion, before leaving, he wanted to speak but stopped on a second thought.

With keen eyes, Jack asked, "If you have anything to say, just say it."

After all, they had been partners for several years. He knew Austin very much.

Just be honest.

Austin said, "Mr. Fu..." He paused and changed his words, "Jack... You have been..."

No matter how close the relationship between them, they were superior and subordinate in the company. So it was improper to say something directly in front of Jack.

Although he only said a beginning, Jack was still in a daze. After a brief consideration, he got an idea, probably Austin was referring to the thing that he was absent-minded in the meeting today.

Given his position as the CEO, he would definitely be criticized by the director harshly.

He touched his nose and said with a guilty conscience, "Well, today is an accident. I won't do that again."

Austin added seriously, "Not only for today..." He hesitated for a while, but since he had already said it, he decided to get to the point. "You've not been in good condition recently, and there's a lot of work delayed. Didn't you notice that?"

Jack kept silent. What Austin said was true. He did neglect something during this period of time.

And it was for the first time in so many years.

But the key point was not the negligence of work, but that such behavior was not good in front of subordinates.

Thomas wanted to say the same point, but he didn't say it directly. He turned the pen in his hand and thought for a while. "I will be careful. There will not be such a problem in the future."

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