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   Chapter 161 Supervising

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Eventually, Rachel agreed to look after him for the coming days.

Soon after she made her decision, she received a call from Jonathan.

Apparently, he heard some stories through the grapevine.

He asked how she and Jack were doing lately.

Realizing that Rachel was not keeping Jack at bay, the old man got excited and requested her to take care of Jack until the latter made a full recovery.

Rachel was speechless. She was not sure who among them came up with the idea. They were father and son, indeed.

But even without Jonathan’s interference, Rachel had already decided to supervise Jack for several days.

She did not have work anyway. Besides, it would be tiresome not to find something to do.

Jonathan readied himself to persuade her patiently in case she refused, but much to his disbelief, she accepted pronto.

"Oh! Great!" Her willingness caused him to respond slowly. "I know it is inconvenient for you to take care of Jack. Just punish him if he does not listen to you," he continued brightly on the other side of the phone.

Rachel could not help but giggle.

She found this father and son very amusing.

Jack, on the other hand, did not know his father sold him without hesitation. Since he and Rachel were already on the same page, she had to move to his apartment.

He blatantly asked her to stay with him at all times.

He added to her work the task of accompanying him to some business dinner.

He argued that if she were by his side to play the role of a strict wife, he would have the excuse to resist drinking wine.

Rachel agreed that he made a point.

It was because of the two glasses of wine he drank previously at the social banquet that he was hospitalized.

She only thought for a while before she accepted.

Meanwhile, Austin smiled secretly. He certainly caught his boss's drift.

‘If the boss doesn’t want to drink, nobody could force him to do so. What an innocent woman!’

He clearly saw his boss smile like a wolf, and Rachel was a little lamb about to enter the wolf's mouth.

Rachel didn’t sense anything wrong with Jack’s plan. She felt safe, thus, dropping her guard.

She seemed to forget that he pounced on her the other night.

But women would never neglect what they should not forget. Such cunning creatures, they would temporarily store their thoughts in a box and lock it in a portion of their brain.

Then, during the crucial moment, they would take out the box to open it. Every aspect, including how they felt, would be unlocked.

Since women were great memory keepers, how could

r face and diverted her attention.

She wandered through the room again and saw one of the windows was left open. The white linen curtains stretched right to the floor and billowed as the wind came through. She went over and found that some layers of the curtains were soaked by the rain.

Glancing outside, she saw the morning mist had become a steady icy rain. The sky was dark and overcast.

She was absorbing the scene attentively when a pair of arms came over behind her, startling her.

He dragged her from the window and said, "Don't stand here in the rain. It's easy to catch a cold."

Rachel took a step back and saw him lean, closing the window. He gazed down and saw a small puddle of water below the wet curtain. He frowned.

'He is not a very careful person, after all,' she thought for a second. "How can you do something so stupid?" Rachel teased, smiling widely.

"Would I be so stupid?" Jack ignored her banter. "Once, Michael fostered a cat here, and that stupid cat liked to squat down by the window.

He always sat there to watch the weather, no matter if it was rainy."

Rachel was curious. "And then? Did the cat find the scene beautiful?"

Jack glanced at her with indifference. "The cat was blown away and was sent to the hospital."

Rachel broke into laughter. She was amused by the unexpected result.

"That was not the end of it. Not long after it recovered and was sent home, it was brought back to the hospital again. I have never seen a more stupid cat than that."

After several rounds of torment, Jack lost his patience and finally flung the cat back to Michael.

Back then, the housekeeper kept calling him in a frenzy. "Mr. Fu, the cat seems to be sick again!"

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