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   Chapter 158 The Little Trick

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He curled his lips and asked, "Is it specially made for Eric?" He hoped in his heart that she would answer "No."

Rachel seemed to have heard the voice from the bottom of his heart, then she replied, "No, I cooked more than was needed, so I thought of sending some to Eric.

In fact, her answer was honest.

There was a faint smile in Jack's eyes.

He picked up a piece of bacon and said, "It's a little bit too salty. Try it."

Rachel said in surprise, "Really? I thought it was okay."

"Try it." Holding the chopsticks, Jack wanted to persuade her to eat. Rachel didn't realize his intentions, so she leaned over and bit the piece of bacon between the chopsticks Jack was holding.

The door of the office was suddenly pushed open. The man who came through the door saw what was going on.

He arched his brow and smiled mischievously. "Whoa! Are you here to show off your love?"

Rachel raised her hand and covered her mouth slightly, then turned away and chewed the bacon in her mouth.

She felt embarrassed and no longer cared about the taste of what she ate at the moment. She heard Jack's cold voice from behind her saying, "You came in without knocking at the door. Don't you care about disturbing others?"

Michael curled his lips and laughed wickedly. "You aren't doing anything shady. Why should you be afraid that I'll disturb you?"

His laugh was strange.

Jack understood what he meant. He glared at Michael and warned him, "Go away and stop disturbing us if you have nothing to tell."

Rachel finally swallowed the piece of bacon in her mouth. Michael was curious to see what they were eating, and came over to look.

What a feast! It was even more delicious with soup on the side.

He complained sourly, "How lucky you are! You even had food brought to you."

Jack replied, "If you have nothing else to say, just get out of here and leave us alone."

"Wow." Michael raised his eyebrows and asked, "Am I disturbing your date?"

"What do you think?"

Rachel stood beside them, listening to their bickering.

The relationship between her and Jack had grown bit by bit, and Rachel had come to accept it naturally.

But it was a little difficult for her to accept the people around him like Michael.

She hadn't become accustomed to their attitude toward her.

In fact, Rachel was awkward at socializing. When they first met, Michael was indifferent to her because of her relationship with Jack.

But now, he was suddenly enthusiastic about her just because of Jack.

Rachel was uncomfortable with his teasing, but she ignored it and said, "Michael, have you eaten lunch yet?"

Hearing this question, Jack couldn't help but frown. He warned Michael with a stern look.

Pretending not to see what he just did, Michael smiled at Rachel and said, "Not yet. Did you bring two portions of food? Is there one more for me?"

Rachel smiled and said, "No. It was j

him in the morning to urge him to have breakfast, and call him again at noon to ask what he had eaten, and then call him at night to remind him not to engage in social activities.

This job was more like a housekeeper than a private doctor.

Rachel was very glad that she had taken the job, because Jack was such a very careless patient.

Every time Jack received her call, Jack would tell her what he had eaten. He promised her that he would try his best to refuse the social activities.

Eric had no idea about the relationship between Jack and Rachel since he moved out.

He didn't have the time to pay attention to it. Now he had to deal with lots of work in GA Technology. As a result, he didn't know Rachel had fallen into a trap set up by Jack.

In the first few days, Rachel stayed at home and made phone calls from time to time to keep track of Jack's eating habits.

But this was just the beginning of Jack's plan.

He was a cunning businessman after all.

His plan was to let Rachel's guard down first.

Rachel got through the first three days and thought there was no need for Jack to hire a private doctor.

On the other hand, he was cooperating with her so well that it seemed like he was pleasing her in his own way.

Rachel vaguely understood what was going on. And she was moved a little.

Based on Jack's words, it seemed that everything was going well. His stomach would be nearly healed within a week.

Then one evening, Rachel called Jack, but he didn't answer. She called him several times.

She was confused. When the fourth call went through, someone finally answered it.

The person who answered the phone was none other than Jack's secretary, Austin.

Rachel said a few words but he didn't hear her clearly, so she had to wait for him to move to a quieter place.

After the background noises around him disappeared, he said, "Mr. Fu... Mr. Fu is busy now and couldn't answer the phone."

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