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   Chapter 157 Eric Changed His Job

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Subconsciously, Rachel felt something wrong. She kept asking, and Eric told her that he had resigned from the previous company and he was going to the new one.

Rachel asked in surprise, "When did you apply for a new job?"

After a moment of silence, he scratched his head and forced a smile. "I'm going to Michael's company."

"Michael's? When did you get in touch with him?"

Eric reminded her, "Didn't we have dinner with him that night?"

Later they exchanged wechat. When Rachel thought about it, she was speechless.

"Didn't you look down upon him before?"

When did they become good friends? Why did she know nothing about it?

It didn't seem to be appropriate to use the word "friend". Rachel didn't understand how they get along with each other.

Eric was extremely afraid of Jack before, but now he dared to pick on him.

Who gave him the courage?

Thinking about it carefully, it was not difficult to understand that if not for the change of tolerance and attitude of Jack, how could Eric be so defiant today? The man had changed a lot.

It impossible to investigate what time he changed? However, with the passing of time, it was discovered little by little.

When Jack went out for a meal in Royal Private Kitchen that day, he really considered himself as Eric's brother-in-law.

He knew that Eric was uncomfortable with the gaze from others and tried his best to protect him.

As for Eric himself, he also knew the reason why he dared to so obviously express his dissatisfaction to Jack.

It was all because Jack liked his sister. Because of this love, he was treated a member of Rachel's family.

Otherwise, Jack would send for someone else to give him a lesson once again due to Eric's rudeness.

His nature was cold-blooded and ferocious, which never changed, so Eric was full of presumptuousness on the one hand, but on the other hand, he dared not to be over.

But he didn't expect that after he moved out for a few days, he would meet Jack after he officially went to work in Michael's company.

He was following the department manager who was assigning him some tasks after the meeting.

When the elevator arrived, the door was opened, and a group of people who were standing outside of the elevator immediately made way for Jack who was walking out.

They didn't go in until all of Jack and his assistants were out.

Eric was sure that Jack had seen him, but he just glanced at him and didn't stop.

Eric pretended that he didn't know him and didn't see him. Although he came here in the name of Michael, there was no special post for him. He should start from the beginning.

Eric thought it was just a coincidence. Jack and Michael were best friends, so it was normal for Eric to come to Michael's company.

But before lunch break, he was called to the department manager's office.

At first, Eric thought he must have done something wrong

he still in your office?" Eric suddenly realized that Supervisor Cheng might have already known the close relationship between him and Jack.

With these thoughts in his mind, Eric felt a bit self abased. Although he entered the company according to the regular procedure.

But it was an exceptional company with a galaxy of talents that made him feel doubtful and self abased.

They were all better than him, which made Eric doubt whether he got this job on his own?

Or by his relations. He didn't ask. When they met Michael in the company, he only called him Mr. Du.

He liked this company. But he didn't expect that the company was owned by Jack's friend.

Jack didn't get along with his sister before and he almost cut his hand once.

Eric disliked him, but he thought that he had ingratiated himself with Jack in this way.

Fortunately, Jack seldom came here and rarely met Eric.

But this time, Jack not only invited him to have lunch, but also informed others.

Eric would be treated as a special guest because his relationship with Jack.

In his early twenties, boys always tended to be more sensitive and fragile when it came to their self-esteem.

In fact, even if he was hired through some inner relations, he would still be kicked out if he couldn't do anything.

That was the rule of the company. An incapable man was never allowed to stay in the company.

Noticing that he stood still, Supervisor Cheng urged him, "Hurry up! Mr. Fu is waiting for you!"

The young man looked at him with a complicated expression, but Supervisor Cheng couldn't understand what he meant.

Eric came back soon after he left. He raised his hand and knocked at the door with heavy steps.

Inside came the voice of Jack, "Come in." So he pushed the door open and went in.

When he came here just now, Jack asked him about his work and praised him. Eric didn't know why he called him over again in such a short time.

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