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   Chapter 152 A Misunderstanding

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Rina Yu, Nancy's cousin,

forced a smile at them with a stiff expression on her face.

"Hi..." she said embarrassedly.

She had never expected that the people she had run into at such a small mall would turn out to be Jack's wife and her cousin.

They went to a nearby tea house. The waiter served them their tea and left.

There seemed to be a clear line dividing them. Jack and Rachel were seated opposite to Rina and Nancy, while Eric was seated on a separate chair at the side of the table.

'It really is a small world. It's too bad I didn't check the lunar calendar today,' Eric thought to himself.

Perhaps the calmest one among this group of people was Jack, who passed Rachel's drink to her and began introducing everyone.

"This is Miss Rina Yu and this is Miss Nancy Guo. They're my guests." He didn't give a detailed introduction of the two ladies, but carefully mentioned their names to Rachel.

Then, he continued, "This is my wife, Rachel Shen, and that's her cousin, Eric Shen. I'm so sorry about what happened today. I just heard everything from Eric, and it was all just a misunderstanding. I'm so sorry."

"Jack, there's no need to be so serious. It doesn't matter," Rina said stiffly, though she seemed to have some difficulty getting out those words, especially when her eyes met Rachel's.

She had called Jack here to get his sympathy and affection, thinking that the two people she had run into were just insignificant passersby.

Now that she knew their real identity, she couldn't continue being arrogant and aloof anymore.

In fact, Rachel was the one putting on airs now.

Rina was filled with resentment in her heart, but at the same time, she had no choice but to please Rachel.

All of a sudden, the tables were turned.

Rina lowered her beautiful eyes slightly to hide her true feelings and said, "Ms. Shen, I'm sorry. I was being too rude just now. I was just in so much pain from twisting my ankle that I said something to offend you. It's all my fault."

Eric, who was staring disbelievingly at Rina, felt Nancy's eyes on him. When he turned to her, he found her glaring at him as if warning him not to fan the fire.

But he just turned away and ignored her.

Nancy's face turned blue, but she was accustomed to his indifference.

Lowering her head, she poked her drink with her straw and cursed inwardly, 'You asshole!"

Even while apologizing in this precarious situation, Rina had been sly enough to address Rachel as "Ms. Shen" instead of "Mrs. Fu."

However, Rachel was so annoyed that she didn't notice this.

'It's all a misunderstanding? How ridiculous,' she complained to herself.

But on the outside, she smiled slightly and turned to Eric. "Eric, since it's just a misunderstanding, let's make things clear now."

Then, caressing the edge of her glass with her long fingers, she continued,

"Miss Yu didn't s

g to do. "I just flew back from abroad this morning. I haven't even had breakfast yet. Come and have something to eat with me."

Rachel thought for a while, and then nodded reluctantly. "Okay, see you," she told Eric.

Eric opened his mouth as if to say something important, but then he swallowed his words. Finally, he just said, "See you."

Then, he hailed a cab and waved goodbye to them.

After watching the car drive away, Rachel turned to Jack, fanning herself under the afternoon sun.

"Get in the car first," Jack urged.

Rachel raised her eyes and saw his car in the parking lot.

Once they both got in, Jack explained, "There was an emergency that day, and I had to go abroad. I just came back this morning."

Rachel was still in the middle of putting on her seat belt. Not knowing how to reply to this, she just managed a light, "Oh."

Jack turned around and looked at her. After a pause, he continued, "Rina Yu is a business partner. Today, we are taking the cooperation case upstairs."

"You don't have to explain so much," Rachel mumbled awkwardly even though she was glad to hear this explanation.

Jack tapped the steering wheel rhythmically with his long fingers, wearing a smile on his face.

"I wanted to say goodbye to her," he continued as if he hadn't heard her words. "But she told me that something bad happened to her, so I just came out to have a look."

He wanted to explain everything clearly to Rachel so that she didn't misunderstand him, especially when it came to his friendships with other women.

In his eyes, the relationship between him and Rachel was already strained and wouldn't be able to bear the crisis of trust.

Besides, Rachel was extremely reticent about her thoughts and feelings,

so he had to take the initiative to explain such things.

She was like a snail that would retreat back into her shell without saying a word as soon as the wind blew a little.

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