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   Chapter 152 What A Bad Luck

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Rachel pressed his hand and motioned him not to be anxious first. She comforted the man in black suit patiently, "we won't go, but now everyone is standing at this intersection, and we can't say anything. Since we are in other people's way, why not move inside?"

The bodyguard in black shifted his eyes from her clear eyes, and looked at them, and they were indeed standing at the entrance of the crowd.

People in and out of the elevator looked at them curiously from time to time.

The bodyguard thought for a while about what Rachel said and found that it was true. People came and went in this place.

He pursed his lips and said reluctantly, "Move up."

'We're not prisoners. What does she mean by that?' Eric thought furiously.

They ignored his apology, nor did they speak to him. Eric was unwilling to move. "You can do whatever you want. I will stay here."

He was always impatient. It was true that he was the one who made mistakes, but he apologized, and the other party ignored him. At this moment, he still was treated like a prisoner.

Eric thought angrily, 'Just a bump. What do they want?"

The bodyguard's face darkened at Eric's words.

"So it is even possible that you injured others?"

Eric said, "I apologized. You're the one who is so arrogant, aren't you? I don't understand. Should you ask for compensation or call the police? Just tell me, okay? Why do you have to show a poker face?"

"Eric!" Rachel frowned, but was rejected by him strongly, "Rachel! I know it was my fault to hit her, but I didn't mean to do that, and I also said sorry to her. If she got hurt, I could take her to the hospital and take the responsibility for the medical expenses. But why are they so arrogant? Did I owe him money?"

What he said was also reasonable. Suddenly, an unfriendly female voice came from behind. "You did something wrong, and you were so righteous. I'll send you to prison to see if you can still be so arrogant."

Her words attracted many people to look around.

They turned around. What a bad luck!

It was no other than Nancy, who had been run after by them twice.

It was an extremely small shopping mall. Eric's expression completely collapsed. He also saw the woman he just bumped following behind Nancy.

He was so angry that he even gritted his teeth. What a bad luck! Why did he have to choose this way?

Rachel also saw the girl whom they had met twice, who was the one Eric disliked.

What a small world! Nancy knew the woman whom Eric bumped into.

With her haughty waist, Nancy looked Eric up and down, curled her lips and sneered, "You made my cousin sprained her ankle?"

The woman, who was accidently bumped by Eric, didn't say a word. She stood beside Nancy with her arms crossed in front of her chest and looked at them coldly.

Her posture was still as cold and arrogant as


With a restraint on his fury, Eric glared at Jack again. Then he was pushed back by Nancy rudely.

'What's wrong with him?' Nancy muttered to herself.

'On the other hand, His sister looked like a coward who was afraid of speaking.'

Nancy didn't show any expression on her face, but she looked down upon Eric's sister from the bottom of her heart.

Rachel said to Jack, "It's too noisy here. Let's move aside."

He said, "okay."

The woman in black looked a little strange. She was about to say something, but her hand was pushed away by Jack.

She looked up at him in astonishment. But before she could say anything, she found that Jack didn't even glance at her. He just said to Rachel, "Let's get out of here. Where do you want to go?"

Nancy was also stunned, not knowing how this so-called cold faced CEO would be so gentle to a strange woman.

The woman took a frown and tried to put her hand on his arm again. "Jack, please help me! My foot was sprained so badly. "

Before she finished her words, she even had no time to put her hand on his arm. She saw him step aside and avoid her hands. He walked forward to Rachel, turned to them and gently put his hand on Rachel's shoulder. Jack introduced to them in a low voice, "Miss Rina, this is my wife. I don't know what happened to you just now. I'm sorry for any convenience caused."

Several people's faces changed, especially the woman in black dress. Shock and embarrassment were all shown on her face.

So did Nancy. It turned out that Eric was Jack's brother-in-law. No wonder he dared to challenge him in such a loud voice.

She looked at the sister and brother with a complex expression on her face. She saw the odd look on Eric's face, while his sister remained expressionless. Nobody could tell whether she was happy or angry.

'They look totally different and are not supposed to be biological siblings.'

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