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   Chapter 147 Cared For Her

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After thinking for a long time, Eric thought that if Rachel really fell in love with Jack, what he said would be a burden to her.

Finally, he sighed in his heart and said sulkily, "He's okay."

Rachel looked at him strangely, "What do you want to say? Just tell me."

"No, I don't."

In the evening, Jack came back on time to pick up them. Before going out, Rachel took a cap and put it on Eric, which covered the wound on his head.

Eric looked at himself in the mirror for a long time. The hat perfectly covered his wound and showed his handsome face. He was quite satisfied with it.

He flicked the brim of his hat, a bright smile on his handsome face.

Jack was waiting for them downstairs. Eric got off and went into the car. Rachel reminded him, "Don't move too fast. Be careful of the wound."

"Yes," replied Eric, as he raised his hand and gently stroked his waist.

They went to the Royal Private Kitchen for dinner, which was the most famous restaurant in Ning City.

The restaurant forbade the number of guests for mea every day, and the cook skills passed on from a hundred year old family to several generations, which were known to be masterpieces in the imperial palace.

That's what the name of "Royal Private Kitchen" came from. Even the guest was rich, it was difficult to queue up.

Eric was so excited to have dinner here with Jack and Rachel.

He had been looking up to this place for a long time.

Rachel got off the car as usual and followed the waiter to the restaurant with Jack. She was not familiar with these restaurants.

The decoration of the restaurant was quiet and ancient. The thick carpet, carved screen, the fan on the wall and the blue china bottle on the wall were into the sight.

Both of them walked through the corridor in silence, and the doors of each box were closed. The plaque on the door read "Orchid Pavilion" and "Elegant Chrysanthemum Pavilion".

They stopped at the door of "the House of Parliament". A waitress in cheongsam knocked at the door. A moment later, the waitress opened the door and let them in.

It turned out that they were not the only ones coming to have lunch. Someone had already been waiting in the room.

She saw Michael and Marcus whom she hadn't seen for a long time, as well as Henry.

There were also two people Rachel didn't know.

At the moment she stepped into the room, Rachel started to get nervous. As if Jack knew what was on her mind, he reached out and held her hand quietly.

They shook hands silently to show their love.

Eric, who was standing behind them, saw this scene. He was angry, but he could do nothing.

How dare the bastard Jack take advantage of his sister in front of him! Why did he hold her hand! 'I should cut your hand off!'

Hearing the noise, the man who was playing cards inside turned around. Michael tossed his cards out and said, "I've been waiting for y

he man and didn't know what to say.

If she talked too much, it would seem troublesome. If she said nothing, she looked cold and dull.

But she didn't expect that Jack would specially explain it to her. Rachel compressed her lips slightly and smiled.

The people who knew her well didn't gave her the topic, like Michael and Marcus, who quickly activated and changed the topic to a relaxed one.

Looking around, Eric didn't know what was going on.

Halfway through the dinner, Rachel got up and went to the washroom. The temperature was a little high and hot tonight.

Jack stopped her from drinking. In fact, she just pretended but not really to drink the wine. Even so, eating in the air-conditioned room made her face turn red.

As if she had been drunk. Fortunately she didn't wear any makeup. After slapping water several times, her face was not that red anymore.

She turned around and walked out of the washroom. However, when she came out, she was stunned for a second. The maze in front of her seemed to take a long way, so she couldn't remember where to go back.

From left or right? She hesitated and couldn't find the direction.

She walked in the same direction as she had just come in her memory but got lost again at the turning. She didn't know the way back was so complicated.

There was no sign on the other side. She thought for a while and walked to the right, but she lost her way and hung around.

Looking at the strange scene in front of her, she was stunned for a while... 'Where should I go?'

All the closed rooms looked same. There were no waiters walking around. Rachel was running about like a headless fly.

She had put her phone and handbag in the box so she couldn't call Jack. Now she had no choice but to ask a waiter for help.

She walked around and then came to an open-air balcony, where the curtain was half covered, and there seemed to be persons standing on the terrace.

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